Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day Two

Hubby staying home again today. Bleck. He is still chugging the cough meds, though, and it helps him sleep.

Chilly this morning. Puts me more in the holiday mood, I guess. I have been making reservations for things to do when mother in law is here for Christmas. I have decided that if I can keep everyone busy, there will be less down time and less time for hubby to be irritated with her. Peace.

Gotta get over and do early voting. I hate the long lines on voting day. I vote at an elementary school here in our subdivision, which is nice and handy, but parking is a nightmare. So, early voting is the ticket for me.

Poor son has to go to math tutoring. He is having difficulties with Algebra II. He needs to get his grade up. He is in a pre-AP course which I think just moves too quickly for him. I completely symphatize, as I am not the math parent around here. So, today he will start going to sessions after school today. I'm just happy they are offered at school so he can just stay and get the help. Much better than me trying to hunt down a good tutor.

Gas - $2.51 yesterday at Kroger. I use my frequent shopper card there and it is suppose to give a little price break.


Laura said...

I'm loving this chilly weather too. It will go back up to 80 this afternoon, unfortunately.
But I can't complain when the temps drop back to the 60's at night. It does get us in the mood for the holidays!

My daughter is having the same problem with her AP Biology class in HS, it's moving a little too rapidly for her to keep up. As a result, she's studying longer and harder, but is growing more frusturated each day. Just as with math, not every person learns at the same pace, and it's so frusturating for them when they start to slip up. Good luck with the tutoring, hope your son is able to get caught up again.

I had to laugh a little at the comment about keeping your mother in law busy so that hub won't get irritated with her, because I go through the same thing with my inlaws. By the time they leave after a visit, I've almost bitten my tongue in half.

srp said...

Wow! Gas went down here again. Today I saw it for $2.19. But it ranges anywhere from $2.17 at Costco to $2.54 by the expressway.

It was in the 70's yesterday then a front went through, but no rain just wind. The temp today was only 61. Tommorrow is going to be higher again.