Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Still loving the cold mornings. Except getting out of my warm bed part of it. My sinuses are appreciative.

All set to begin preparing food for the big feast. I just have to remember to run out for a few extra cans of cat food for Beauregard and Oreo to make it into the weekend. I don't want to be anywhere near a grocery store after this morning for a few days.

Looks like hubby won't be going to his "Stan" country until the first week of December. Bummer. I hope now that he doesn't screw up the Christmas plans. With MIL coming down, I am seriously counting on him being here. He frequently misses out on holidays at home due to work travels but not usually when we have company coming. Stress.

Son is psyched. XBOX 360 is out now and he is getting one from Santa. We pre-ordered it and have no idea when it will ship but he is just happy knowing it will be here eventually. It's a big purchase, I know, but he is an only child and the only person we make a fuss over at Christmas. And no, he doesn't act like a spoiled brat after all these years of being doted on by his parents. He is a very good kid. His heart is as big as, well, Texas!

And on the political front, I read an interesting article from Investor's Business Daily that was referenced by WSJ.com Opinion Journal, that reports Rep. John Murtha may be under a House ethics committee investigation for improprieties. This, some believe, is why he made the big brouhaha last week about the immediate withdrawal of troops in Iraq. To divert away from the ethics committee investigation and to have people say he was being investigated as retaliation for his speech. The investigation was already in the works. Murtha has a brother who is a lobbyist and senior partner at KSA Consulting. A nonpartisan watchdog group has criticized Murtha for using the Pentagon spending bill to give business to his brother. The LA Times reported in June that Murtha funneled nearly $21 million to 10 or more corporate clients of KSA Consulting. Coincidence? Hmmm.


Cowtown Pattie said...

ALL politicans are smarmy. Almost ready to burn my voter registration. Can't give you the name of a single lawmaker or top decision maker in DC that hasn't been tainted with power and money (and that list goes all the to the top).

Fire 'em all and let's start over with some real middle class John Q's.

Where's Mr. Smith when you need him? He burned his voter registration a long time ago.

Sheri & SuZan said...

First time around I was a poli sci major but I have to tell you that I'm ready to fire them all too. My siter-in-law is a State Rep and even she says that your goal as soon as you get elected, it to start working on reelection. So sad.

On a lighter note, G-2s big gift is the ipod nano with various accessories. Mine too is an only child and kind hearted. We don't buy him a bunch of things throughout the year so we do tend to go overboard and Christmas.