Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Feels Like Monday

It's a blah day. Been taking a break from the computer and the news as much as possible. Yesterday son was home from school as he was not feeling well.

Amazing Race - still amazing. I'm liking the family version better than I thought I would.

Turned on the news a little while ago. Amman, Jordan dealing with three suicide bomb attacks - one each at the Hyatt, Radisson and the Days Inn. Hubby stays at the Radisson when he is there, or he has in the past. Said the security was light the last time he was there. So, I am back to taking a break from the news.

Making buffalo style wings for son before the scout meeting tonight. His idea of comfort food!

Texas elections not surprising. Mayor Bill White won very easily. He even had my vote. Supposedly our mayor is a non-partisan office but he's a democrat. He has been a champ for the city, though so he had my support. Proposition 2 easily passed, too. The amendment to the state constitution making marriage officially between a man and a woman. Duh.

Have a good one.

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srp said...

The democrat won the governors seat in Virginia, but the previous one was democrat too. He says it was a definitive victory. But at least 47% of the state wanted the Republican. Only those up around Washington voted for the demo. Hopefully they won't be sorry.