Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"He's retarded and a little bit crazy", the reporter said.

Now granted, some things strike me as amusing that may not the next person, but that statement made me stop and chuckle. The reporter made the statement during a report from the trial about the abduction and murder of the little girl, Jessica, in Florida. That is the description of the murderer being used in court. His defense team is hoping to get him off on the grounds of insanity, no doubt.

I tried to post earlier this morning and blogger failed me. Again.

So, here's why I think a pardon for Scooter Libby should be coming down the pike before he ever sets foot into prison. It was a trial without a crime. What we have is a trial criminalizing political philosophy. Scooter Libby didn't remember conversations as part of his unbelievably busy, stressful position as Chief of Staff to the VP, so, ill advised, he told the Grand Jury about the conversations as best as he could, instead of saying, "I don't remember", as he should have been advised to do. Don't you remember how many times Bill and Hillary said they did remember things? There's a reason for that.

The prosecutor barreled on after it was determined who the leaker was of the name of Joe Wilson's wife and her occupation - Richard Armitage, no friend of this administrations. It was determined Joe Wilson outed is own wife by listing her in his bio in Who's Who, and then again in his opinion piece coming out against invading Iraq. Wilson, a loud critic of this administration, was sent to Niger by his wife at the CIA and his findings contradict truth. He was completely discredited by not one but two bi-partisan panels investigating the lead up to the war. He is no victim here. Neither is Valerie.

So, even after Armitage comes forth as the blabber, Libby is indicted by the Grand Jury and stands trial. The jury is picked in D.C., with huge Democractic majority, and the juror running to the cameras yesterday after the verdict was read was a journalist and author named Denis Collins, "That's Denis with one n", he told reporters so as not to have his name misspelled in his 15 minutes. Turns out Collins is a reporter for the Washington Post, a newspaper linked to the trial and also the author of a book on spying and the CIA, also linked to the trial. Interesting but it doesn't stop there. He says to reporters that the jury, including him, wondered outloud why Libby was on trial and where was Rove and 'the others'. Yeah, no political agenda there.

Look for Libby to be pardoned after sentencing and the appeal. Not nearly soon enough for this travesty but there is a process in place that he will have to adhere to.

Contrast this with, say, Sandy,the Burglar, Berger. He was the NSA for Albright in the Clinton administration. Upon learning he would testify before the 9/11 commission, he goes to the National Achieves and steals documents. Stuffs said documents down his pants and into his socks then buries some at a construction site. He originally lies about it then confesses. Never mind he's covering up the whole capturing bin Laden deals offered to Clinton during 1998 and beyond. What was his punishment? Community service and a small (for a millionaire like him) fine.

Libby cannot be pardoned soon enough for me.


Anonymous said...

I think it's revenge motivated. Fitzpatrick taking a bigger p*$@ than Libby was able to rain on Fitzpatrick's Attorney General parade. The one thing I *know* is it's all pathetically stupid and taxpayer costly.

The shots of Couey coloring at the defense table during the trial just about made me puke.

P.S. Sen. Byrd (my homestate embarrassment) was never a big wig in the KKK. An idiot in the KKK, admittedly. But you give him too much credit on that one. The one interesting tidbit he does always manage to fold into his apology interviews is that it was the KKK that spurred him to go in to politics in the first place. And look at him now. For what THAT'S worth.

AC said...

I KNOW! I thought of Sandy Burglar IMMEDIATELY!

I've got a story about Byrd and Senator Bilbo (D-Mississippi) and my grandmother, but it is not fit to print or at least I would not do it in comments.

Me said...

"It was determined Joe Wilson outed is own wife by listing her in his bio in Who's Who, and then again in his opinion piece coming out against invading Iraq." That is what I kept saying to myself when I heard the guilty verdict. I was thinking; BUT DID IT HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole thing is a total f-up and it's completely biased and skewed. You have a great point about the "I don't remember". The Clintons might as well just have t-shirts and business cards made up with that statement.

srp said...

Did they sneak that reporter in after the defense used up its chances to kick someone off the jury? The whole thing is just sickening. I have had to do a deposition before with just a lawyer, not FBI agents and it is very, very hard to just answer yes, no or I don't know. But that is what you are supposed to do.

They say this special prosecutor has NO BOSS... how do we get rid of him as he is running amok?

Couey should be fried. But his relatives, living in the house at the time with him, should also be up there on trial. They knew a child was missing, they knew he was a convicted sex offender and could have saved her life and did nothing to help.

Beverly said...

Amen to SRP's comments about Couey. An article in the St. Pete Times about the bikers that the dad rides with said that if he got off, they would take care of him.

If he's not put to death, and, of course, we can't use cruel methods, he'll surely be taken care of in prison.