Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Local Front

My blogging friend, Jessica, over at, has an interesting few entries about the Florida University story of the student tasered during the question and answer section of the Kerry speech. The officer who used the taser is an old friend of Jessica's and she lets loose. I say good for her. Loud and proud. Check out her stories.

On a local front, we have one of our own citizens in the spotlight in NYC. Oscar Wyatt is on trial for payouts to Saddam during the years of Oil for Food, so that he could buy the oil through his company, Coastal Corp. The man's a billionaire and his wife, Lynn, is one of the beautiful people, an international jetsetter with friends from royalty to celebs to all sorts of socialites. You may remember back a few years ago when Sarah Ferguson was fooling around on Prince Andrew and was caught in a scandal with a Texan sucking her toes in public, around a swimming pool. That Texan was one of the Wyatt sons. Lynn celebrates her birthday on the French Riveria each summer with Elton John. Yeah, that kind of stuff.

So, Oscar, who is 83 years old now and possibly facing up to 74 years in jail if he's convicted on all the charges against him. In testimony by government witnesses, Wyatt is referred to as a 'good friend' of Saddam's. Wyatt is now fighting to keep an address book out of the hands of the jury as it refers to 'Nigerian Scams" and Marc Rich, the fugitive Clinton pardoned after Rich's ex-wife Denise ponied up millions for the Clinton Presidential Library, according to reports in the Houston Chronicle.

If you have read recent reports about IslamoFacists planning to target schools and children, you will understand the concern here over the apparent theft of some 17 school buses. Houston Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Division, the FBI, and Harris County Sheriff's Office are all investigating. They were all stolen from charter schools, business schools and private bus companies, according to a report on Last week I watched Glenn Beck's "Perfect Day" series that went through the steps that are in the jihadist plans. Remember the Beslan attack on the school, the Russian school? Yeah, like that. Remember the school bus hijacked by two Muslims not too long ago in Florida?

One or two buses, ok, petty theft. But 17? Something's going on somewhere. According to the site, U.S. Military found information in Iraq pertaining to U.S. schools. Some reports of hundreds of thefts of school bus radios have been made across the U.S.

Authorities are trying to keep parents calm and emphasize that school buses are one of the safest ways for children to get to and from school. Across the country, about 24 millions children are transported daily by school buses. Drivers have been trained to look out for suspicious people and activities.

It's a good reminder for us all to remain alert. It's not alarmist, it's being a realist.


Jess said...

Thanks Karen, you are awesome.

Hugs, Jess

Paul is a Hermit said...

Yer ship is bein' boarded, Penguin!

It must be hell to be rich and famous. To have to import one's supply of toes is quite ostentatious though. Ah, well, the idle rich must have hobbies too.
To each their own but really, Saddam as a friend? ELTON JOHN? Though I did like his Nikita video.

The school buses. With the right kind of packing, they can be taken anywhere. And repainted and/or stored in countless small bus company lots. It's a very serious thing. Nothing, hits us harder than harming small children.

The war will come here again, we all know that, what they're capable of doing is - anything. When will it be over, the way we handcuff ourselves, seems senseless to ask.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Thanks fer th' tip off on Jessica`s posts, me fellow buccaneer!


`Tis amazin' how vulnerable we all be t' ere who wants t' harm us; jus' by nature o' th' fact that 'tis impossible t' protect ourselves logistically from all conceivable forms o' attack at all times.

Schools, malls, movie theaters, be all vulnerable.

Our whole way o' life could change in a moment`s time.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I followed yer orders, Cap'n.

Incognito said...

How on earth do 17 buses get stolen?? Mighty weird!

Wordsmith: Our whole way of life has already started changing.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Karen! That's pretty scary right there in your hometown.

Frasier said...

Will check out Jessicas blog

I had forgotten about that toe story!Seriously who would fool around on someone who looks like Prince Andrew!

More Clinton scandals to fall out from closets...goody!But knowing them it will all be hushed up!

Horrible stuff when they target little kids but it wil pay to be vigilant