Saturday, November 08, 2008

Team Sarah

Trying to make a joke to cover up his misstatement that he has spoken to all living former Presidents, Barack Obama inserted the name of former First Lady Nancy Reagan. He threw Nancy Reagan under the bus so that he wouldn't be a part of a sound bite on a late night tv show. Actually it wasn't Nancy Reagan having the seances at the White House. She consulted an astrologer. It was Hillary Clinton who spoke of channeling the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt for advice. Obama proves, once again, he has no sense of humor. And, he frequently gets his facts wrong.

Nancy Reagan is a frail, older woman who served her country well. She is currently recovering from a fall she took in her home. Barry, that simply wasn't a nice thing to do. Try to keep it classy, m'kay? When you call to apologize, do you even know which of the 57 states she's in?

I have grown quite tired of the treatment of women in this election season.

Before the votes were even counted Tuesday night, the attacks on Sarah Palin were rampant. The attacks have been from anonymous sources which are suspect from the beginning. This is not only unseemly, it is cowardly. If you have a problem with someone, just say it and be honest. It is time for Senator McCain to come forward and say it is time to stop.

Sarah Palin was asked to be on the McCain ticket, she didn't ask for the job. She was the asked, not the asker. As the 44 year old governor of Alaska, she wasn't savvy about the national stage. The petty charges of diva behavior, compulsive shopper, throwing temper tantrums, refusing to be briefed before interviews, etc. make no sense.

Sarah Palin brought much needed energy and enthusiasm to the McCain ticket. Frankly, most of the Republican party was none too fired up about the candidate and looking to either stay home or write in another name as a protest vote. Sarah Palin is a classic conservative and the far right loves her. She is them.

Sarah Palin did a magnificent job for the McCain ticket. She drew massive crowds to all of her events. She is still very much in demand. I'm not talking about the nasty Obama supporting journalists, I'm talking about Republican groups who want her as a future leader in the party. She'll do an interview, her first since the election night results, with Greta van Sustern on Fox News and it will air Monday night. Greta is to be congratulated for her more than fair coverage of Sarah Palin. As a professional woman, Greta has been disgusted with the treatment of Governor Palin and she has been vocal about that. Greta traveled to Alaska to interview her and Todd Palin after being placed on the McCain ticket. Greta's no conservative. That is more than others like Oprah, Barbara and Larry can say - those who drooled over Obama and now would like to interview Sarah Palin. I so hope she tells them all to drop dead.

Especially Oprah.

Sarah Palin was mishandled from the start. That is the fault of the campaign staff. For them to now turn on the candidate and try to salvage their own self interests in the political world is disgusting. These anonymous sources should be booted out of politics and get a real job.

Sarah Palin may not have turned out to be the strongest of candidates, but so what? She was the VP candidate, not the top of the ticket. She has time to grow. The top of the ticket for the other party? He was elected with less experience and no more distinguishable intelligence on the fly. His gaffes are overlooked, that is the difference. He's cool.

Sarah Palin has a spot on the national stage in the future, if she wants it. She has shown leadership and sheer guts in the political arena. Unlike the top of the other ticket - with whom the press seemed to compare her - she has a record of fighting corruption within her own party. She took on the political machine in her state. And, her employers - her fellow Alaskans - liked the job she was doing. Her approval ratings were over 80%.

Sarah Palin is an expert on energy policy. Neither on the opposite ticket could make that claim.

The media had a field day with Sarah Palin because she was unknown. She wasn't an insider and she was to be punished for that. Congrats to them. The enjoyment of trashing this woman and her family is a new low in national politics.

The GOP is in a re-building process. This is not the time to banish a person with the talents of Sarah Palin. The election was not a landslide for the other ticket, though there was every reason for that to happen. That speaks to the strength of the Palin addition to the ticket. The Republican ticket received 46% of the vote. More than 53 million voters are not to be ignored.

Sarah Palin deserves thanks, not nasty anonymous accusations.


namaste said...

excellent post, karen and thank you for speaking up on sarah's behalf. women across america should be ashamed of themselves for not speaking up about the treatment of palin during this prez race. it was awful! and yet, she held her head high, refused to let them get the best of her.

sarah was in a no-win situation, powerless to calling shots over the mccain people. this should be a wake up call to ALL women about how a lot of men STILL think they can treat us.

oprah sucks. nuf said.

barry is simply a class-less jerk.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw Obama make that statement about Mrs. Reagan I knew he'd have to apologize - again! I understand he already did the necessary mea culpa phone call to her. He truly can't keep his foot out of his mouth without a cue card! It will be interesting.

I sure hope Sarah Palin's interview puts things to rest once and for all. She is a class act all the way and deserves better treatment than she's been given these past few months, even it seems by McCain's staff.

From your blog to God's ears, Karen.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I don't see how it is productive to turn on McCain or turn on Palin. All this fingerpointing blame for losing an election is rather sickening.

Beverly said...

If she never shows her face again, I wouldn't blame her, but I surely hope she does.

Good post.

Z said...

I SO HOPE Palin doesn't go on OPRAH. If I have a sense for her streak of honesty and fairness and righteousness, I'd bet Sarah won't. Not now.

Still, I'd LOVE to see her pin Oprah's ears back, and I think she could. Oprah didn't have her on because it was a lose/lose proposition for Oprah. HOW could Sarah look bad? How could Oprah have survived TRYING to make her look bad?

very good post, Karen....the obama people sure did slam women quite a bit......and Hillary WAS the one who consulted Eleanor, that's right! Good point!

shoprat said...

Sarah is tougher than her attackers and this will strengthen her as she makes a run for the top of the ticket in 12.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the McCain campaign is speaking out on the lies and slander about Palin. It comes several days late but at least someone is finally saying it’s all B.S..

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Actually Sarah should go on Oprah and nail her to the wall if they get to politics. She needs to keep her name in the press and lots and lots of people watch her. What better way to reach people and show them who she really is?

Anonymous said...

Karen, are you kidding? Palin is a disgrace of a candidate for VP. She does not have the knowledge of national/international affairs to run our country. And I have heard no proof that she is an "expert" on energy issues. She proved herself to be so very average in every single way. She deserved all the media scrutiny she got. My favorite part of the post-election coverage was when she got on the plane to head back to Alaska. Please stay there, Sarah!