Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I Endorse Paul Simpson for HCRP Chairman

Today, yet another reason to replace the current chairman of the Harris County Republican Party surfaced. In this blog post, the reader learns that the Kingwood Tea Party and other groups came together and voted to finance the Harris County GOP convention that will take place on Saturday, April 21. A call was placed to the county headquarters and a message was delivered to the administrative assistant that the chairman, Jared Woodfill, should return the call so the group could tell him that the payment was arranged for the taking.

Jared Woodfill did not return the phone call.

After the misguided idea put forth that the candidates themselves would have to finance the convention and grassroots activists took action against this idea. After the web page was put up for regular GOP voters to pledge financial support for the convention so that challengers to Democratic incumbents with humble campaign coffers would not have to bear the expense. After Woodfill and HCRP hijacked the idea of individual support in the manner of pledges and urged others to join in the effort in a newsletter e-blast. This is where we are.

Jared Woodfill did not return the phone call and the group withdrew their financial offer.

It is inexcusable that the Harris County Republican party is in such dire financial straits. Harris County is the nation's third largest county. Harris County is a strongly Republican county. Harris County is the home of lots of very wealthy Republicans. Why in the world is the Harris County Republican party broke? This is unacceptable.

This is not Woodfill's first term as chairman. He has been in the position through several terms now. These mistakes are not those of a rookie.

It is time for new leadership.

We must insist that the good ole boys, pay for play network is eliminated. Outreach to grow the party and welcome new participation is essential. Yes, we need a big tent approach to membership. We must insist that new blood and fresh ideas are sought and embraced. The same old same old is no longer accepted and tolerated.

There is an alternative to Woodfill. I encourage you to give a look to the Paul F. Simpson campaign. Here is his website: You can check out his Facebook page here: And, on Twitter: @paulfsimpson

Simpson supports the action of which I am demanding of my party:

• Strong grassroots organization for a vibrant party across Harris County
• Solid conservative principles with a positive message to all voters
• Solutions for Party finances and fundraising to support needed programs

It is time for a real change, Harris County Republicans. We must demand it.

I endorse Paul F. Simpson for Harris County Republican Party Chairman. I encourage you to do the same.

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