Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obama Re-Writes Obamacare Law Again

We have all heard some amazing statements recently coming out of the White House and Democratic pundits about Obamacare.  Today President Obama appeared before the White House press corps to announce another way he is altering the Affordable Care Act.  Remember all the times you have heard Obama supporters refer to Barack Obama as a Constitutional scholar?  Remember all the times those of us who do not support Obamacare have been told that it is settled law? Then how is it that this Constitutional scholar continues to cherry pick which laws he will and will not enforce?  Why does he continue to get a pass as he makes exceptions, grants waivers, and now flat out alters the law?

Today President Obama admitted he did, in fact, mislead the American people about being able to keep their health care insurance if we were happy with it.  He knew in 2010 that this would only apply to the policies in place at that time and not for renewals or any changes made to the current policies.  That is why a Grandfather Clause was written into the law.

The “grandfather” clause is a portion of the law that allows people to maintain plans in existence before the law was signed in March 2010, even if they don’t adhere to Obamacare’s insurance standards. Today, Obama, who appeared in the White House Briefing Room try to explain himself, blamed the “grandfather clause” for the fact that his statement “ended up not being accurate.”
President Obama is now being held accountable for allowing false hope about health care insurance coverage for a vast number of Americans.  Millions of insured are now receiving letters from their insurance carriers notifying them of policy cancellations.  These are mostly those who are privately insured.  The millions to be affected from cancellations of small business insurance cancellations will come at year's end.  The pressure is on.  Democrats up for re-election in red states are in a bad spot.


The president's approval ratings have fallen like a rock.  He is now in George W. Bush territory - at the lowest point of Bush's approval rating.  I ponder why it has taken so long for Obama to reach the low mark, given the continued incompetency shown from his non-leadership but nonetheless it is happening now.  Even the Democrats are voicing displeasure, along with the media (but I repeat myself).

Health care insurance is a highly personal subject. Health care insurance is a highly individual matter. The insurance agencies went along with Obamacare and adjusted policies to include all of the mandates which has increased premium prices.  Today President Obama declared that Americans can keep those cancelled policies for another year.  If the insurance companies will re-issue the policies, that is,  and that is highly unlikely.

President Barack Obama said Thursday that insurers will be able to continue health-insurance coverage next year for current policyholders that otherwise would be canceled under the new health-care law.The change marks a significant policy retreat by the president, one that he hopes will quell an intensifying protest over his faulty promise that Americans can keep their insurance plans under the new law.Mr. Obama's announcement came on the eve of a House vote on a Republican bill to alter the law, which was gaining traction among Democrats, particularly after the administration's release Wednesday of low enrollment figures for the first month of the federal government's problem-prone online insurance marketplace.
You may remember President Obama demonizing Republican opposition to Obamacare from the start.  He continues to state that Republicans only criticize Obamacare and do not offer alternatives.  This is a blatant lie, of course, but he is who he is.  Obama has no relationship with members of Congress, especially with Republicans, as past presidents have cultivated. So when Obamacare was rammed through Congress without a single Republican vote, it became the sole property of Democrats.  The intention all along was to destroy the private insurance industry and then move into a single payer model.

Health care insurance coverage is not compatible with the sweeping one-size-fits-all approach of liberals and their model of government entitlement programs.  A much better solution would be for men and women of good will to come together and push for reforms to the system.  Most people, regardless of political philosophy, can agree with some basic reforms - no more discrimination to those with pre-existing conditions; halt the yearly sky rocketing of premiums; cut out waste and abuse of the system; etc.  It takes effort and leadership but it is what we send elected officials to Washington, D.C. to do.

President Obama swore to uphold the United State Constitution in his oath of office.  He continues to abuse his responsibility.  Insurance carriers have been played for suckers and now are expected to change the new mandates mid-stream.

Conveniently, Obama's one year fix again sets his Obamacare adjustments to see the Democrats through the next election.  Democrats own this monstrosity and must be held accountable.  It is crucial that Republicans hammer Democrats with the law.  Never before in our nation's history has a huge sweeping entitlement been signed into law with only one party's affirmative vote.

Keep the pressure on, Republicans and Independents and realistic Democrats.  This is a deeply flawed law written for political gain by one political party.  Shame on them.  Democrats own it.  Republicans must continue to hammer Democrats with the beast.

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