Monday, July 07, 2014

War on Women Meme Lives To See Another Day

Annie's List will be hosting Candidate 101 training in both Houston and Dallas in July.  This is being promoted as a first time occurrence in an election year for them, as the Democrats continue on along the path of the War on Women theme.  What better way to inspire and motivate women to run for office and be active in political campaigns than to promote false narratives that further the progressive agenda?  

Annie's List is the Austin version of Emily's List.  The conservative alternative to both of those is Maggie's List.  The big money donor founder of the PAC is married to the trial lawyer who is the major funder of Battleground Texas.

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the Hobby Lobby case brought out a renewed enthusiasm among liberal elites hoping to insert the tired War on Women rhetoric as we approach the 2014 mid term elections.  There has been little for Democrats to get excited about and the predictions bode well for Republicans in this cycle.  Will a resurrection of this battle bring out an apathetic Democratic voting base? 

From the Wall Street Journal:

Democrats claim to be distraught over the Court's Hobby Lobby decision, but really they can barely suppress their glee. Allowing some religious objectors in business to opt out of the contraception mandate lends them a campaign theme that isn't the economy, the Middle East in flames or incompetent governance. No agenda, no problem. Patriarchs and Republicans—if that's not redundant—are coming for your womb, ladies.
The three liberal women sitting on the Supreme Court produced a dissent to the ruling.  Justice
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a Clinton appointee) wrote the dissent and both Justices Sotomayor and Kagen (Obama appointees) signed on to it.

Also from the Wall Street Journal:

As Harvard liberal Laurence Tribe said on MSNBC, the majority's opinion is "not as radical" as many are claiming. It applies only to "closely held" companies with owners who have clear religious beliefs, and it explicitly says that companies cannot use the opinion as an excuse to opt out of other legal requirements. The majority merely said Hobby Lobby could refuse to pay for four kinds of contraception because the Administration's mandate violated the standard of religious conscience that Congress wrote into the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.Justice Ginsburg's dissent is so far removed from the legal reality that it doesn't qualify as a judicial opinion. It is a political opinion whose purpose seems to be to mobilize opposition to the Court and perhaps even motivate Democrats to turn out at the polls. Justice Antonin Scalia sometimes unleashes his rhetorical ferocity on decisions he dislikes, but his dissents are rooted in the law. Justice Ginsburg's is a flight from the law.
It was Democrat President Bill Clinton who signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it should be noted.

Elections have consequences.  Supreme Court appointments are lifetime reminders of that fact.

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