Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wendy Davis Attack on Greg Abbott Brings Immediate Bi-Partisan Criticism

The backlash from the latest political ad released by the Wendy Davis for Governor campaign has been quite an amazing situation to watch, to say the least.  I have yet to see anyone defend that ad except for Wendy Davis herself and her campaign communications director, Zac Petkanas

This is where I remind you that before coming to the Wendy Davis campaign, Zac Petkanas was the communications director for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  Enough said.

Liberals and conservatives alike are weighing in with disgust and disbelief with the ad - it is literally attacking a candidate who is in a wheelchair with a wheelchair.  Time Magazine even called an article about it : "Wendy Davis Wins the Prize for Most Ill-Advised Political Ad of 2014". It called the ad the nastiest point of the campaign season:

The 2014 campaign season reached its nastiest point yet Friday, with a campaign ad by Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis that plays off the disability of her opponent Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, while calling him a hypocrite in the same breath.
With all the ugly stuff out there during this mid term election season, with the Democrats running scared about losing control of the U.S. Senate, running THE nastiest ad is saying something. 

Here is the ad:

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