Sunday, May 10, 2015

Facts on Jade Helm 15 - Tin Foil Hats Not Included

If, like me, you are concerned by the way the media is betraying the good people of Texas by the reporting of a military operation that will happen this summer, I can help.  You can find the facts about Jade Helm 15 here:

Do not let the conspiracy theory believers suck you into the world of tin foil hats. This is a drill run by the U.S. Army.  How insulting is it to the military that they are being treated as though they are a part of a plot to take over the State of Texas?  I don't think this silliness shows the military members the respect they deserve. And gratitude. 

Last I looked, the State of Texas is a part of the United States of America.  The federal government already has certain controls over Texas.  And all states.  

Why was Texas chosen to be one of the states used in this Special Ops training? Texas has, in the past, proven to be a state supportive of the U.S. military.  This state has several large military facilities. Texas has the land and areas of low population needed by the operation. This is a state that military veterans come to or stay in to retire.  New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah and Colorado are also part of this exercise.  

Texas will benefit financially from this training exercise.  Supplies, fuel, food, lodging, etc. will all be purchased locally.  

Unfortunately, some politicians are using this unrest by some in our state for political gain.  The governor has committed National Guard troops to supervise the exercises. This is a waste of taxpayer money and resources. What exactly would the National Guard do, anyway, if all this conspiracy theory that it is a scheme to enforce martial law on the state was true? 

GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have been asked about the near hysteria of some in the state.  Cruz rightly said he has no reason to question the military motives or stated intent.  Then, unfortunately, he launched into claiming he understood why some would be concerned, given the record of less than truthfulness from the president. Supporting the military was all that needed to be said.  Rand Paul claimed he knew nothing about Jade Helm 15 but would have staff look into it. 

Support the military.  America needs the honed skills of trained warriors, now more than ever.  The Special Ops members are the top of the skilled warriors. Show gratitude, not contempt.

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