Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Today is Election Day - Let Your Voice Be Heard

Today is Election Day, Texans!  The weather is beautiful in Houston and there is no more time left to make excuses about not being able to go vote.  On a selfish note, I am delivering a call to action for voters of my city.

It's important. Maybe you don't think it's important to vote in a primary election but nothing could be further from the truth, especially in Texas.  A primary election, as a general rule, has a lower voter turnout than the general election.  Your vote will carry much more weight today than in November.  It is important to exercise your right to vote at both times.

Politics begins at the local level.  Republicans, in particular, believe in government control at the closest level to the people as possible.  The further out the government control gets from the people, the more ineffective government becomes.  Today Houston elects a new mayor, city council members, and also decides the passage of some propositions and amendments.  There are important decisions to be made at both the local and state level.

Go HERE to find your polling place and a sample ballot. All of the information is there.

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