Monday, August 01, 2016

Democrats Shamefully Politicize Capt Humayun S. M. Khan's Service

Were you conned by the Democrats' version of politicizing a grieving Gold Star family at the DNC extravaganza labeled as their patriotic night? I hope not. After a bit of pondering over this latest media- generated kerfuffle and the willing #NeverTrump crew's help, suddenly GOP candidate Donald Trump is attacked for defending himself against the unprovoked rant from a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan via the UAE to Virginia. The willing culprit went onstage at the request of the DNC (Hillary Clinton), along with his wife, and claimed that not only would his son - a patriotic soldier in Iraq killed in action after saving many other soldiers, posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals, not be allowed into this country using Trump's guidelines on Muslim immigration but also that Trump surely has never read the U.S. Constitution.  Dramatically, he then took a pocket-sized edition of the document and waved it while saying he would be happy to lend him his copy to read.

The Democrats, who have to actually set aside a night to proclaim patriotism, as they usually are too busy disrespecting the military and America's defense to be taken seriously, lauded the man as their new hero. The mother remained silent at her husband's side.

Let's contrast this to the reaction that Patricia Smith, the grieving mother of Sean, also killed while serving the United States in the Middle East - in Libya, Benghazi to be exact, - and her treatment from the media after her address to the RNC. She was called everything from a liar to being exploited by the Republicans. Hillary Clinton, as recently as yesterday on Fox's Sunday Show claimed that Mrs. Smith probably doesn't really remember events correctly due to her grief.

I want to be clear here. The Democrats had to reach back to a soldier's death in 2004 - under the command of President George W. Bush - to use a grieving military family as political fodder and allow him to rant against the immigration and homeland security policy of GOP candidate Trump. Mrs. Smith's son was killed under the watch of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. As Secretary of State, he was her responsibility as he served the U.S. ambassador in Libya. To this day, we have not been told where Hillary Clinton was that fateful night on September 11, 2012 or, for that matter, where President Obama was that night. She failed miserably in answering her 3:00 AM call and now she wants to be Commander-in-Chief. No thanks. Were there no soldiers of Muslim faith killed in action recently with parents willing to use him or her for a get- out- the- vote effort for Hillary Clinton? Probably not. Why? Usually, military families go out of their way to stay out of politics.

So, I questioned why this father wanted his time on the DNC stage. Why did Team Clinton choose him? Then, after reading the transcript of his speech - since I didn't see it live that night - it became clear to me. Clinton's campaign wanted to make a statement about Trump's idea of strict immigration policy for those coming here from countries that are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism. It had nothing to do with disrespect for a Gold Star family - it was all about immigration policy. Again, Democrats don't show respect for military members unless it is to benefit their agenda. Democrats counted on Trump defending himself and he did. Then Democrats and willing helpers in the media and the #NeverTrump crowd reacted. Playing right into the hands of Democrats, there was much pearl clutching and proclamations that Trump has finally gone too far - he is attacking a Gold Star family! How convenient for them.

To fact check Mr. Khizr Khan, he came to the U.S. via the UAE as a Pakistani citizen in 1980. His son was born in the UAE and was two years old when his parents brought him here. His family would not in any way be affected by the immigration policies put forth by Donald Trump today. This is all indignation for political convenience. Shame on them all.

Trump was attacked as he defended himself on social media and on television. Yes, I think Trump is not a finessed man in speaking and wades into areas not usually done by political candidates. I don't rejoice in his crude manner. However, it is just as offensive coming from the provocations of Mr. Khan. His wife was silent and as a mother myself, I understood that. Now, however, a woman who said she can't bring herself to speak about her son and his death 12 years ago suddenly has found her voice in television interviews. I'll let you decide her level of participation in this con job. I do not, as a parent, doubt this couple's level of grief. I do question motivations, especially in politics.

Would a grieving military family with an ordinary middle class Christian or Jewish background have been used as a prop by the Democrats? No, I don't think so. This is why I think all of this will backfire on Team Hillary. Unlike other Republican candidates, Trump will not allow the other side to define him without a fight. This is why the base of the party has embraced him. I would have preferred Trump thank the couple for the ultimate sacrifice their son made for our country and said his policy on Muslim immigration was in direct response to the extreme Islamists wishing to kill westerners, like they did Capt Khan, but I'm not this candidate and he hasn't asked for my advice.

It is interesting that after a weekend of television appearances, Mr. Khan would now like to get out of the spotlight. This is after, of course, Khan has demanded that Republican leaders get rid of Trump. How typical - Khan's Constitution only goes one way.

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