Tuesday, January 30, 2018

CD-2 Candidate Attends State of the Union Address

President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday night.  I am happy to say he did very well. 

Some far-left celebrities couldn't wait for the actual event so they made up one of their own and delivered  "The People's State of the Union" hosted by actor Mark Ruffalo -for people in their own political bubble. For example, comedienne Wanda Sykes went off on the "ugly underbelly" of Trump supporters and filmmaker Michael Moore said, "We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place," he said adding "We must also cleanse our American soul of our white male privilege." I may be wrong, but I think a wealthy white male like Moore may need to check his own privilege. Also, Planned Parenthood was a sponsor, so your tax dollars were at work, folks.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced she would be a no-show. Just as well, given her tendency to fall asleep at these addresses. It is not unusual for SCOTUS justices to skip the SOTU - the late Justice Antonin Scalia skipped them for some 20 years. He called them "cheerleading sessions". He's wasn't wrong.

Democrat Randy Bryce, a union ironworker challenging Republican Paul Ryan, boasted of plans to attend and "stare from the gallery". It's a stunt - he is being used by a current Wisconsin representative and he even sounds a bit uncertain of how the State of the Union works. Does he not understand that Ryan is the Speaker of the House and as such, he sits behind the president at this event? Anyhoo, it's a chance for him to run an ad on MSNBC (of course) during the SOTU address and try to act relevant. Bryce is the darling of the far left wackadoodle Hollywood elite, too. He made several appearances on the now-defunct Chelsea Handler show on Netflix and is heavily promoted by former Obama staffer, Alyssa Mastromonaco.

The speech was excellent. Trump told some truly inspiring personal stories of American heroes. The Cajun Navy and a Coast Guard member were honored at the very beginning of the speech. Hurricane Harvey and the recovery are still on his mind. When one young North Korean defector was spotlighted, who did I see in the seat next to him?  It was CD-2 candidate Kathaleen Wall. I had to do a double take! 

I think the Democrats will eventually regret their behavior during the speech. Even during the parts where traditionally both sides of the aisle applaud, the Democrats were stone-faced, dour, and motionless. There was no response when Trump spoke about the military, about his very generous immigration reform ideas, no respect for the American flag, and so on from most Democrats. I hope their very bad behavior comes back to bite them in November. It is hard to imagine American voters will reward a party openly rooting against tax cuts, larger paychecks, historically low unemployment for minorities and all Americans, a strong national defense, homeland security, and developing infrastructure. 

To further prove how clueless the Democrats have become as it pertains to reaching out to ordinary Americans, the Democrats offered up five separate responses to the speech on different networks. No unity there. The main response came from a young member of the Kennedy family who is continuing on the political dynasty. Didn't the very election of Trump prove the end of America's fascination with political dynasties? 

Immediate polling by CNN showed that a full 70% of viewers either found the speech excellent or very good. That must be a bitter pill for that Trump-bashing network. 


“The people dreamed this country. The people built this country, & it’s the people who are making America great again...Our nation will forever be safe & strong & proud & mighty & free!”


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