Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Freedom of Speech In Politics Is Not Pretty

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele released the following statement today:

“Since the founding of our nation, generations of brave Americans have answered the call to service. On this Veterans Day the Republican National Committee pauses to extend our heartfelt gratitude for their brave and valiant service in... Read More our Armed Forces. We honor them for their extraordinary sacrifice in defense of our country. Today I join all Americans in expressing my heartfelt gratitude to our veterans for preserving the freedoms we hold dear.”

One sacred freedom we Americans cherish is our freedom of speech. Our freedom of speech, our First Amendment right, is a part of living in a free country. All speech, nasty or pleasant, is protected. Take, for instance, speech involved in political talk. Have you noticed a continuance of the nasty language used in political settings lately?

We all endured eight years of constant Bush Derangement Syndrome - the continual personal and political bashing of every aspect of George W. Bush's very existance. Conveniently, current Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, has forgotten the daily utterances that President Bush equalled Hitler - even the name calling of "Bushitler". The language could not devolve far enough for some of the far left in our country. They were emboldened, some say, by the years of criticism of former President Clinton, and so on. Year after year it escalates.

Now, we are at the point of civil discourse where the President of the United States uses a sexual slur, a sexual term used in the gay community, as he describes the participants within the Tea Party movement. By doing so, President Obama strengthens the criticism that he is a man without grace in his personal speech. When he is speaking off the cuff, he is not a well-spoken leader. He comes off as just another political hack. He is not dignified in his personal conduct when the teleprompter is not rolling.

According to a blog post written by Kathryn Jean Lopez for the Corner at National Review "According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, who supports the health care bill, the president asked, "Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit" Democratic voters "and encourage the extremists." Tea bag people. Extremists. All this spoken at a closed door, private pep talk to Democrats before the vote on health insurance reform last Saturday during Obama's visit to Capitol Hill - the sole purpose to twist arms of Democrats for the votes.

Then, former President Bill Clinton, not to be outdone, visited Democrats in the Senate to demand they vote for the legislation - "Just pass the bill, even if it's not exactly what you want." When you try and fail, the other guys write history." Senator Whitehouse (D-RI) said "The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning." Teabaggers. That's the term.

It doesn't matter that the bill is being rushed through without due diligence. It doesn't matter that it is the worst piece of legislation ever written, according to The Wall Street Journal. It doesn't matter that it is not as advertised by the Democrats. It is all about the politics, not the benefits to Americans. It is all about Barack Obama, his legacy, and the power grab for the Democratic party.

It is all about a permanent Democratic majority in Congress.

Never mind the people don't want it.

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