Monday, November 02, 2009

GOP Candidate for Tx Governor, Debra Medina

The guest speaker for the monthly meeting of Memorial West Republican Women was Debra Medina, GOP candidate for Governor of Texas. She is running against Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison in March's Republican primary.

Sometimes a person feels the call to public office and acts. "Do the good that is before you to do." That is Medina's call to action. As she received encouragement from family and friends, she began to understand the need of fresh faces and new ideas in public service. A three term county Republican Chairman in Wharton county, her passion for politics was evident.

Born in Beeville and raised on a South Texas farm, Debra Medina is a wife and mother, a registered nurse, a businesswoman, and a rancher. In the early 1990's she became involved in politics. She is a fiscally responsible conservative with a passion for freedom. She uses that word frequently. She homeschooled her two children before the current wave of popularity began. Her oldest child has graduated from college now and lives in Portland, Oregon. Her younger child is a student at Texas A&M.

Medina founded her own business, Prudentia Inc., which specializes in improving medical billing procedures. She continues to work full time as she runs for Governor - she pointed out to the audience that a candidate running for Governor is prohibited from taking campaign monies for personal salary. Nor is anyone in a candidate's immediate family allowed a salary from financial donations. An appealing quality is that Medina is not a political elite - she is a regular person with a mortgage to pay and bills to keep current.

She is a favorite with the Texas Tea Party crowd. During the current two day availability in the Houston area, one event Medina is appearing at is the tea party event in the north Houston area - which is also featuring the young mom who is a cancer survivor and was the one to whom Sheila Jackson Lee was speaking at a summer town hall while yakking on her cell phone. That stunt by Jackson Lee received national attention for the audacity of her arrogance.

Medina has an interesting idea of abolishing property tax and substituting that tax with a higher sales tax. Or, paying tax on the purchase property - at the time of purchase - and then the sales tax would be lowered. She uses the theory from Texas Public Policy Foundation's research. She is a fan of Arthur Laffer.

She believes in the right of Texas to nullify federal mandates on national health care and cap and trade legislation when it comes from the current administration's reform attempts. She has been listening to and visiting with border county sheriffs to pull together border security measures and the handling of the illegal immigrant flow from the south.

She presents her ideas with a calm and mature posture. She exhibits self-confidence and is working for a change in leadership in Texas. She will be a speaker later this month in Galveston for the Texas Federation of Republican Women's convention.

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