Monday, January 09, 2012

Why I'm Endorsing Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

I am a realist. I believe in the political philosophy of William F. Buckley, Jr. - nominate the most conservative electable candidate. Electable is the operative word.  In this race for the U.S. Senate to represent the State of Texas, it is not so easy to choose a candidate. We have a terrific field of candidates.

I have looked seriously at former Dallas Mayor Leppert, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and former Tx Solicitor General Ted Cruz. Not a bad choice in the bunch, if you ask me. And, despite whatever you may read or hear elsewhere, all of them are conservative, strong Republicans.

I don't think that this election in 2012 is the time to be safe, however. It would be safe to endorse Lt. Gov. Dewhurst. He has been a reliable Republican and he has served Texas well. He views his public service years as a way of giving back after much personal and professional success. He is the best kind of citizen patriot - he wants to help others to achieve their dreams. He wants Texas to be the shining star of the States. He is a good man.

Tom Leppert has a terrific economic plan, touted by The Wall Street Journal. He, too, decided to go into public service after succeeding in his professional life. He has a history of working well across the aisle, which is necessary in Washington if your pet legislation goals are to be successful. That is reality.

Ted Cruz, though, grabbed me. He captured my attention with the first speech I heard him deliver.  He is a compelling candidate - he inspires the audience.  In times like this, we need some real inspiration.  We are a nation mired in despair and anger.  We need someone fresh who will inspire us all.  Most importantly, we need someone who will inspire us as Republicans to be happy warriors.  Ted Cruz is a happy warrior.

Ted Cruz has captured the attention of  National Review, the conservative standard bearer of publications, begun several decades ago by William F. Buckley, Jr.  He has also received a quite favorable column by George Will, a highly respected conservative writer.

It will be a tough race.  Lt. Governor Dewhurst has the name recognition and a large personal fortune.  He could be an easy choice for endorsement.  But, this time around I'm going with my first instincts.  Sometimes the easy path is not the best way.  Sometimes we need to ask for a little bit more.  I think Ted Cruz can deliver for Texas and our country.

I endorse Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.  I ask you to consider supporting him, too.

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