Friday, August 10, 2012

Now Is the Time For Righteous Indignation, Gov Romney

Dear Gov Romney:

     Now is your time. With the lowest level attained yet in this political campaign season, with the hideous ad spotlighting a widower all but outright accusing you of murdering his cancer-stricken wife from Team Obama's SuperPAC, it is time to show your honest outrage in defense of yourself. I know, I know it is not your nature to go into dramatic mode but we are waiting for a flash of honest anger here, sir.

     Now is your time to seize this opportunity to bring some level of decency into national politics. It is an opportunity to say, no, the voters deserve adult behavior here and I'll not allow the continuation of this rolling around in the gutter in campaign videos.

     Now is your time to say we are better than this. You are better than this. You have an honest, practical narrative to offer voters and do not have to rely on a "kill Romney" strategy advanced in a 2011 memo among Team Obama to win this election. You are not a failed president with a failed record on your resume. You are a winner. In your career as a politician and as a businessman - particularly as a businessman - you have nothing but real success as your record.

     Now is your time. Please show your indignation to this video hate leveled at you. Please rise up and say it stops now. And then go on to concisely presenting an alternative to the doomed path our economy is speeding down. You can win with that simple strategy.

     Now is your time. As Peggy Noonan wrote in the Wall Street Journal,
Some of the unperturbed sunniness you see modern political figures attempting to enact may be traceable to Ronald Reagan, the happy warrior who set a template for how winners act. But the Reagan of the 1950s and 60s was often indignant, even angry. When he allowed himself to get mad, or knew he should be mad and so decided to feign anger, it was a sight to behold. "I'm paying for this microphone," he famously snapped to the moderator of the 1980 primary campaign debate in Nashua, N.H. He didn't win that crucial state by being sunny.
     It is time for your righteous indignation to burst forth, Governor Romney. We have your back. We will stand and cheer. We will say, see, he gets it. This is a war we are waging against the other side and we are not going to stand down.

    Now is your time, sir. Move out of your comfort zone and allow some anger to emerge in your fight for America's future.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't righteous indignation require some level of sincerity?