Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rubio Speaks to The Hispanic Voter Network in Houston

Associated Republicans of Texas and the Hispanic Voter Network hosted a Leadership Forum Wednesday morning at the Omni Houston Hotel in Houston. The keynote speaker was Senator Marco Rubio. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott preceded Senator Rubio in remarks. He spoke of his battles with the Obama administration and fighting the good fight to keep America more on the path to being like Texas instead of Texas going the way of the rest of the country.

  Here is a photo of Tx Rep Aaron Pena and General Abbott with me and my fellow bloggers:
    Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was a well-received speaker, to understate the crowd's enthusiasm. Here is a quickly taken photo of Senator Rubio, myself and sister bloggers, Michelle Lancaster and Kathleen McKinley. He was hurriedly leaving this event to catch a plane to his next stop.

     Senator Rubio is achieving a dream he has held for a long time in a couple of weeks - he will introduce Gov Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. He spoke about his life and his family's immigration story. He calls himself an American son because that is what his grandfather told him he was - truly an American son. He stressed that his story is not unique, that we are all children or grandchildren of immigrants, whether we are first generation or seventh generation in this country. He spoke of how backwards the Obama administration has brought our country to in spirit. He said that Barack Obama has no successful record to run on and will run a re-election campaign of personal destruction on Mitt Romney.

    Rubio stated that he looks forward to working with the recent winner of the Texas GOP primary race for the senate - Ted Cruz.

     Let me mention that Texas Rep Aaron Pena is a terrific guy and he was able to help me and my sister bloggers catch a photo on the run with Senator Rubio. We always enjoy the company of Rep Pena and wish him well as he ventures out of his service to Texas in Austin and pursues new goals when his current term is over.

     The event was quite successful. Folks from all walks of life were there and lots of people in leadership, both locally and statewide, were there to enjoy the event. Spanish media was there and the speech delivered by Senator Rubio will be broadcast on Univision. Senator Rubio addressed the Spanish speaking audience in Spanish briefly as he said if he didn't, then they would give their own interpretation of his words.

     I look forward to supporting The Hispanic Voter Network as they work to increase Latino membership in the Republican party. The group is off to a good start.

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