Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Daughters of Liberty Republican Women Host Judge Mayfield & George P Bush

In celebration of  Hispanic Heritage Month,  Daughters of Liberty Republican Women provided a program including two Hispanic Republican speakers Wednesday evening at the SOSA Center.  Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield spoke first and was followed by George P. Bush, candidate for Texas Land Commissioner.

President Cheryl Dalton welcomed all those in attendance and opened the meeting.  Judge Mayfield provided the opening prayer.

Mariachi music was provided by the High School of Performing and Visual Arts.  Alejandro Blanco, a member of the group, sang the National Anthem.  These young people did an exceptional job and the audience really enjoyed their contribution to the event.

Chris Carmona, Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party's (HCRP) Outreach Committee, led the audience in the American and Texas State Pledges.  Jared Woodfill, Chairman of  HCRP, introduced the elected officials and candidates.

Allyson Wilkinson, VP of Programs, introduced Judge Mayfield.  Judge Mayfield spoke of faith, family and freedom - the three tenets that brought her to the Republican Party as she learned them from her father.  She spoke of being questioned by Hispanics as to why she is a Republican.  She emphasized the comment spoken at another time by George P. Bush - that Republicans don't need to change their message, but they need to change the marketing.  

George P Bush was first introduced to America as the twelve year old grandson of George HW Bush at the Republican National Convention when the elder Bush was nominated as the GOP Presidential candidate. Anyone who watched that convention remembers that George P Bush introduced his grandfather to the crowd and ended the introduction with "Viva Bush!".  That was 1988.  Now he is a University of Texas Law School grad, successful young business man - having started three businesses, husband, new father, Afghanistan War veteran, Navy Reservist, and now he is a candidate for Texas Land Commissioner.

Among the aspects of the job Bush would like to focus on, veterans and their needs are a priority.  He noted it is Suicide Prevention month and the number of deaths attributed to suicide in the military.  He would like to streamline and make more transparent the process used by FEMA in natural disaster relief.  For example, Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast five years ago yet FEMA monies have gone through three Texas agencies and still have yet to be distributed to all the claimants.  

He noted that he would be the first Texas Land Commissioner, should he be elected, to have a background in investing and equities which would be useful in financial management of the agency.   He wants to continue expanding the preservation of Texas history at The Alamo and keeping in tact the Texas History courses in schools.  

Bush stressed the need for more work by the Republican Party in minority communities.  He said the GOP cannot go to communities only right before an election, they must be there the day after elections, too.  He is concerned about the long term strategy being implemented by Battleground Texas.  He noted that in places like Tarrant and Dallas counties, Battleground Texas is sponsoring Little League teams and their logo is on the players' jerseys.  They are aggressively marketing their message and have the full cooperation and support of President Obama and his team in Washington.  Battleground Texas knows that Texas will not turn purple and then blue in the short term but that is why they have a more persistent, patient plan developing.  He said that Republicans must get out of the two year mindset in planning and focus on the long term, too.

As good Republican candidates do, he acknowledged the hard work that Republican Women do for candidates and our party.  He quoted Margaret Thatcher - " If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." 

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