Friday, December 20, 2013

Endangered Democrats Feeling the Obamacare Heat

Lousiana's Senior Senator (Democrat), Mary Landrieu, is feeling the heat from the fall-out of implementation of Obamacare.  She's up for re-election in 2014 and considered to be one of the most vulnerable.

Small business, in particular, are weighing in against Landrieu and other Democrats who forced Obamacare on the American consumer on a party line vote.  The irony? Landrieu chairs the Small Business Committee:
Sen. Mary Landrieu, Who Chairs The Small Business Committee, Boasts On Her Senate Website That “She Is Leading Efforts To Ensure All Small Businesses Have Access To…Superior Health Insurance At A Low Cost.” “As chair of the Small Business Committee, she is leading efforts to ensure all small businesses have access to capital and contracts, superior health insurance at a low cost and the resources needed to help boost our economy and guarantee America’s competiveness in the global marketplace. (“Biography,”, Accessed 12/17/13)
In 2009, Landrieu Insisted That ObamaCare “Drives Down Costs And Expands Affordable Health Care Choices For Millions Of Families And Small Businesses.”LANDRIEU: “I am voting for this bill because it achieves the goals I laid out at the beginning of this debate: it drives down costs and expands affordable health care choices for millions of families and small businesses in Louisiana and around the nation.  Any claim to the contrary, is a pathetic lie meant to derail this bill, a tactic that was all too common during this debate.” (Sen. Mary Landrieu, Congressional Record, 12/22/09, S13736) 

In typical Landrieu arrogance mode, she asserts she would support a vote for Obamacare again!

MARY LANDRIEU: The Affordable Care Act as I said, the bill itself, has very good concepts. And yes, I would support it again. But that doesn’t excuse the poor rollout of what should have happened. There should not have been a glitch in the software.

And in Arkansas -

According to the last polling results, Senator Mark Pryor has a 7 point deficit running against Republican challenger Rep Tom Cotton.
Plus this:

Cotton is ahead among independents by 21 points and among women by 4 points.

Small businesses in Arkansas are not happy with Senator Pryor and are running this ad in the state during the holiday season:

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