Sunday, December 08, 2013

United Republicans of Harris County Begins Endorsement Process

The endorsement process has begun for the Board of Directors of United Republicans of Harris County.  As a reminder, United Republicans of Harris County (URHC) is the only endorsement slate offered to Harris County voters which DOES NOT participate in the pay for play system. URHC accepts no contributions in exchange for endorsements of any candidate running for county wide or state wide office.

From the website:
United Republicans has been a much recognized part of the Republican Primary with our extensive endorsement process.  In the hope of providing ethical and well qualified nominees for our Party, our endorsements are much sought after by candidates running for office.  Our hands on process of interviewing candidates in person and providing them with questionnaires regarding their qualifications makes us unique to the political process.  We are the ONLY such organization in Harris County that has continually and consistently provided a venue for candidates to be considered fairly based on merit, qualifications, and participation in the Republican Party.  We are the ONLY organization in Harris County to interview candidates in person as part of our selection process.  Our Board Members literally spend hours researching candidates before endorsements are issued in order to provide you the voter with the best possible recommendations.  We are proud of our accomplishment of being the only endorsing entity in Harris County to have chosen the WinningCongressional Candidate in all of the open Congressional seats in our greater Houston region.
URHC is beginning first with those candidates seeking state wide office, then following with those seeking county wide office in the personal interview process.

URHC is committed to providing an alternative to the corrupt pay for play system currently dominating county politics.  The system has shrunk the Republican party into an environment of a handful of men who make big bucks at the expense of candidates.  The system also produces lazy campaigning - if all a candidate thinks he/she has to do is pay for endorsements from those running the show, why go out and ask for votes?  Why go out and get to know those who will be affected by your office?

This system also discourages intelligent, ethical, forward thinking individuals from running for office.  The vicious cycle must be broken.

Stay tuned.  The endorsement/interviewing process takes lots of hours and research from the Board of Directors, who conduct the interviews and vote on the endorsements brought forward.

I am a member of the Board of Directors of United Republicans of Harris County.

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