Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Governor Christie Wins Big On Election Night

Harris County remained solidly in the Republican column on Election Night.  As the country's third most populous county, this is crucial. This sends a message to Democrats from the local level all the way to Battleground Texas and the former Obama people. Texans who voted kept the state in Republican control on the local and state level.

Wendy Davis was soundly defeated.  Despite backing from Hollywood, national Democratic leaders, and liberal women around the country, her ugly campaign did her in.  One of her campaign ads made the list of the ten worst campaign ad in the country.  Now, as a bonus, Republican woman Konni Burton has won Davis' Texas Senate seat.  Bye, girl, bye.

The big winner of the night was Governor Chris Christie.  As the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, he was a warrior on the campaign trail for the election of Republican gubernatorial candidates around the country.  Those concerned about the appeal of Christie as a possible presidential candidate can rest easier.  The GOP took back control of state governments in unprecedented ways.  Think about this - the new governor of very Blue State Maryland is a Republican. The same is true of Illinois. And Massachusetts.

Christie, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, lauded the quality of the GOP’s candidates in Tuesday’s races. Republicans seized control of the Senate by gaining at least seven seats, and also made a strong showing in gubernatorial races, winning in Maryland, Arkansas, Illinois and Massachusetts.
The victories at the state level are crucial for future party successes.

Thank you, Senator Udall, for giving the War on Women the funeral it so richly deserves. Incumbent Senator Udall made the so-called Republican War on Women the central issue in his race for re-election and ended up being mocked for it - he earned the nickname of "Senator Uterus".

Republicans elected the first female Senator from the state of West Virginia, Shelley Moore Capito ; the first black female Republican in Congress, Mia Love of Utah; the first female veteran to the U.S. Senate, Joni Ernst of Iowa; the first Hispanic woman Lt Gov in Illinois, Maria Rodriguez;  re-elected the first female Indian - American, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley; and the first female Republican Hispanic Governor, Susanna Martinez of New Mexico.

It was a good night for Republicans around the country.  A really good night.  Now for the hard part - governing.

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