Friday, November 07, 2014

NAACP Increases Its Irrelevance

The NAACP didn't bother to celebrate the victories of two groundbreaking elections - that of Mia Love in Utah and Tim Scott in South Carolina.  

Instead of celebrating gains made by black Americans, the NAACP pushed the well worn theme of voter suppression.
The NAACP addressed the election in a statement, but failed to acknowledge the election of the first black Republican woman to Congress, or the first black senator to win an election in the South since Reconstruction.

Lashing out on Twitter, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) proved again the association's liberal allegiance instead of honoring its place in American history.  The NAACP began in 1909 and is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization.  Over the course of time, the once respectable organization is now seen through politically partisan eyes.  The organization claims to be non-partisan, in order to keep its tax status, but no one is fooled.  Any black conservative running and winning as a Republican elected official is told they are not black enough.  The old Uncle Tom slur is flung and leadership is openly hostile to anyone not falling in line with the now standard race baiting language of those who certainly know better than to conduct themselves in such hateful ways.

The usefulness of the NAACP has come to the end of the line. The organization has allowed itself to become irrelevant instead of growing and flourishing with the times.

When Democrats are losing an argument - or in this case, a tidal wave of races this election cycle - the default action taken is throwing the race card.  There are many professional race baiters and those in the upper eschelon of the NAACP are no exception. The organization graded Senator Tim Scott, the first black senator in the South since Reconstruction (from either party) and determined he deserved a grade of F for his performance in the U.S. Senate. The media was only too happy to play along.  Senator Scott was interviewed on MSNBC and ended up schooling the news host about conservative political philosophy and why he thinks it is a path to success for minorities. Scott was asked: how he responds to that "if his true concern is for helping lower income families and children."  Apparently, on MSNBC, if the NAACP issues a politically motivated message via a grade, then that is the last word.  How could Scott possibly argue with that logic?

Quite well, actually.  I wish more Republican elected officials were able to express Republican philosophy as well as Senator Scott did.  

And what about Mia Love, you ask?  Why isn't she to be congratulated by the NAACP for her accomplishments?  Good question.  If Mia Love was a Democrat, she would be the darling of this organization.  The daughter of Haitian immigrants, she is an accomplished women, including the former Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and this was her second run for Congress.  She is known as an emerging star of the Republican party, regularly making lists of those to watch.  She is the first black Republican woman in Congress now.

No stranger to being the recipient of ugly talk from Democrats, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was none too pleased with the race baiting shown in the recent election cycle. Responding to a question during an interview on Fox News recently about the hideous political mailer sent out in Georgia, she said:

“The idea that you would play such a card and try fear mongering among minorities just because you disagree with Republicans, that they’re somehow all racist … I find it appalling, I find it insulting,” said Rice during a Fox News interview. “As a Republican black woman from the South, I would say really? Is that really the argument you’re going to make in 2014?
The voters in Georgia didn't fall for it, either:

For the record, Georgia elected a Republican senator by eight percentage points, with only 34 of 159 counties voting for the Democratic opponent. And the state also reelected its GOP governor by a similar margin.
Seems like this lopsided political organization should lose their tax-exempt status.

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