Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Not All Women's March - Stuck on Anger

The election of Donald Trump was a shock to most of us, most of all to Republicans and to Hillary Clinton. The left is still reeling from the election results and are working through their grief. Unfortunately, they are stuck on the anger that follows a loss.

There was a commotion called a "Women's March" last weekend - the day after President Trump was sworn into office. Large crowds of angry liberal woman marched in the streets to declare their unhappiness with the 2016 presidential election. Mostly feminists of the 1970's, mostly white and certainly unclear of their message, the willing cable news channels covered it from start to finish with breathless excitement. It was quite a sight.

One of the most sacred rights as an American is that of freedom of assembly. Freedom of speech, and political passion are important elements of our liberty as a free society. God bless America. Marches in the streets, disrupting normal routines of ordinary citizens so that your opinion is heard, are a part of the mix. I applaud citizen involvement.

The march was billed as a march for an entire gender. That kind of sweeping generalization never works, though. This march was clearly organized and comprised of the left. All of the elements of identity politics magically appeared. The Democrats have failed to realize why they lost so badly in the eight years of Barack Obama's presidency. The party is essentially decimated from state houses to the White House. Democrats still run the major urban areas but are powerless outside of them.

The organizers claimed that all women were welcome to march in support of equality and fairness, etc. That sounds good and conservative feminists should have been welcomed with open arms. But this really wasn't about inclusion. The Democrats aren't ready to listen to an alternative opinion on policy issues, so the bubble is still a safe haven. It's easy to get excited and talk with those who agree with you. The hard work comes with realizing that everyone should listen to alternative voices and form complete opinions.

Pro-life feminists were initially granted permission to sponsor and march with the others. Then, upon discovering some women think choice means choosing to save pregnancy, not destroy it, the permits and sponsorships were cancelled. The march was for some women, not all women. Again, the bubble is strong.

The next time a leftist woman demands to be taken seriously as a human being bigger than the sum total of her female body parts, think of the "Women's March" that took place in Washington, D.C. and across the country in traditionally Democrat-run metropolitan areas. Grown women wore "pussy hats" and vagina costumes and used young children to hold signs painted with foul language. Worn out feminist Gloria Steinem demanded that Trump resign immediately - less than a day into his first term. Hollywood celebs looking for even more attention than their craft provides spoke from written texts - including Madonna who voiced her dream of blowing up the White House. In her case, after the Secret Service was brought in to investigate her craziness, she explained it was only "a metaphor". What a coward once she is off the stage.

What was never clear was what exactly is their message. Other than that they are angry that Trump won the election, what is the hysteria about? Can you imagine if conservatives had taken to the streets like that when Obama won in 2008? It was just as much of a gut punch to Republican voters - and 2012 more so - but Trump had only been in the Oval Office mere hours at that point. Shouldn't the man do something before the marching begins?

Coalitions of the usual people marched, many paid for by criminal socialist George Soros. None of their messages were coordinated, other than they are angry that Trump won. What if they had harnessed this energy and did the work to convince regular American voters to vote for Hillary instead of only talking to themselves? What if they relied less on celebrities and more on community leaders to promote a candidate? Hollywood sure couldn't deliver the election for Hillary. They are still at it, though, now with a silly message of signing up to make sure Trump doesn't abuse the Constitution. Ironic, right? Obama - a Constitutional scholar, according to his bio - was overturned more than any other president at the Supreme Court.

Comparisons are being made in the liberal - leaning press that these marches are much like the Tea Party movement in 2009. The problem with that comparison, though, is that The Tea Party began in response to Obamacare, not Obama himself. TEA = taxed enough already. Remember how the press portrayed Tea Party marches and rallies? Remember ugly Democrat women (like Nancy Pelosi) calling Tea Party marchers 'brown shirts' and all the Nazi name calling? It's how the left describes the right. The Tea Party marchers wore silly costumes, too, but theirs were of historical reference, not female body parts. The message was clear from the beginning. The 2010 mid-terms were very successful for Republicans because of the marches and unity against a vast overreach by the Democrats and Obama. The movement has all but fizzled out now.

So, these marches should be watched. It's possible that the Democrats could get organized and communicate a clear message but so far they are off to a rocky start. Regular Americans don't much appreciate Hollywood celebrities - spoiled, rich, liberal celebrities - calling them names and yelling at them about voting for Trump. If it was all just about anger over losing an election, then all of this was for nothing. It will just have been a temper tantrum.

When the march was over, trash was strewn everywhere for someone else to clean up and monuments were defaced. This is the childish, selfish left. Tea Party rallies and marches were known for how clean the areas were when it was over. No one was expected to clean up after them. Personal responsibility - a tenet of Republican philosophy.

I'll be watching for the next event. You should, too. Republicans have been where Democrats are now and we will be again. Politics is cyclical. Stay aware and involved. Elections have consequences.

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