Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cruel and Unusual Behavior

Still no end in sight for hubby's African assignment. Poor guy. But the up side is he gets lots of lamb to eat, which he dearly loves. Good thing.

It's one of those odd sort of days, for some reason. I'm not quite sure why, so I'll just go with it. While sipping the Boca Java Ocean Drive this morning I seriously considered a breakfast consisting of a 3 Musketeers candy bar. At the last moment common sense won out and I had the standard bowl of Cheerios.

This whole media buzz over Michael Richards, aka Kramer from Seinfeld, seems so bizarre to me. He is caught going off on some members of his audience during a stand up routine over the weekend at a LA comedy club and was screaming racial slurs and all that. So, he gets to go on Letterman last night, which I did not watch but saw clips of this morning, to be so sorry along with Dave's pal Jerry Seinfeld. By the way, next week a new set of Seinfeld dvd's are to hit the retail shelves.

Richards is given the big hug interview from Letterman. Richards was presumably sober during this act of his at the club. The racial epithats were spewed due to his irritation at hecklers.

Seems to me, when a person loses control and a person's temper takes over, a person's true nature surfaces. The guy's a bigot. He got caught.

Contrast this softness on Richards to the beating Mel Gibson took from Hollywood after his bigoted tirade. Gibson is hugely wealthy, successful, and not beholden to Hollywood anymore. He was skewered. He is conservative politically. I would imagine in Hollywood that would be the difference. Gibson's not one of the cool kids. He was drunk and foul mouthed. Hollywood elites took out full page ads blasting him and swearing to never work with him again.

Just an observation.

Human Rights Watch has proven once again why they are an organization not worthy of being taken seriously in today's times. They have issued a statement claiming Saddam's death sentence is "cruel and inhumane" treatment of the deposed dictator.

Wonder what those surviving families of all those murdered by Saddam think of that dribble?


srp said...

Lamb is one of my brother's favorites as well. We had lamb when he was here for a few days.

Today we had the monthly JOY (Just Older Youth) meeting. It was soup and salad. My dad made his homemade broccoli and cheese soup. There were so many there to taste and he always makes so much... we may not have to go out for Thanksgiving after all. We might just stay in and have soup.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly about M. Richards -vs- Gibson, Trent Lott, George Allen (the macaca fracas). Talk about a soft soap, this will be swept under the media table immediately by folks in the circled wagons.

Laura Ingraham was having quite a good time with it yesterday. She had an audio quote from somebody, I missed who but he sounded like Henry Kissinger, saying something like...

"I don't know why anybody cares about anything a Hollywood-ite says. They have 2 lines in some dumb movie, and 9 people to help them remember those 2 lines. They're MORONs!"

Mr. Richards IS a bigot. He did get caught. The media is so double-standarded. Doesn''t everybody see that!

Whhooosh. What I really want to say is Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I do wish your husband could make it home but I know that Thanksgiving Day is really every day we make it so. I enjoy visiting with you every day, Karen.

Beverly said...

SRP and AC say so well my thoughts. I can't stand those groups who talk about "cruel and inhumane punishment." Give me a break.

When little Jessica Lundsford was murdered here in Florida, they were requesting a change of venue for the murderer so that he could have a fair trial. He needed to be buried alive and left there so that he could suffer.

Happy Thanksgiving.