Thursday, November 16, 2006

If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Enjoyed Boca Java South Beach Rhythm and a cherry turnover this morning. It was chilly, for here, and it felt good.

I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed Nancy Pelosi having her butt handed back to her by the overwhelming majority of her party as to their pick of Majority Leader. They had the sense to stick with Steny Hoyer and not poor John Murtha.

Am I the only person who thinks Nancy's belly button is moving when she smiles? She does so exaggerate her facial expression that she looks slightly deranged.

Hillary does that, too, sometimes, when she is trying to look like she's happy and her eyes bug out.

Something I found interesting during Pelosi's comments on John Murtha after he lost the vote this morning - she felt compelled to give some of his resume, for street cred, I suppose and mentioned he had been given the Kennedy Profile in Courage award. Somehow I don't think JFK was so pleased with Caroline's choice on that one. The far left that Pelosi and the war position of Murtha are not values JFK possessed. I know he is idolized due to being assassinated after barely being in the job and he had the young Jackie as his long suffering wife but he was quite conservative compared to where his party is today. He was a tax cutter and a smaller government kind of guy. Not to mention the dust up with Cuba and getting us into Vietnam in the first place.

And when he smiled it was relaxed and looked normal. Not to mention sincere.


srp said...

I was glad to see that Pelosi didn't get her way today. Supposedly there is no rift in the democratic party, but they always say that.

Jennifer said...

JFK embodies everything I miss about what the Democrat party was meant to be. THAT'S why I idolize him. I wish that all of today's politicians who bandy his name about as a standard bearer, would heed the standards he bore.

Beverly said...

Yes, indeed, I was so happy to hear that Pelosi didn't get her way with that one. Just hoping that the Democrats who were elected who seem more conservative will help hold the line.

I enjoy reading about your son. Enjoy every moment you have with him. They are gone all too soon.