Thursday, December 14, 2006

Balance of Power

I feel good. I spent 2 1/2 hours at the salon this afternoon and my hair looks marvelous, darling. It's short, it's quite blonde and I'm feeling frisky. See, I was born with red hair, then it turned brunette as I grew older. I have always enjoyed coloring it for kicks, beginning as a college freshman. Mostly I went red and auburn. I am very fair complexioned so it was a no brainer. Now that I am a woman of substance, I am going blonde in a big way. It's fun to see where all the highlights lead me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The health crisis of Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota troubles me. The poor man. He is 59 years old and in a stressful job. He has stroke-like symtoms while on a conference call with reporters and is rushed to the hospital after he hangs up and collaspes on the way back to his office. This is serious stuff, folks.

What is reported? The first sentence or two is about the actual condition of the senator. Then we immediately jump into the fragile balance of power in the Senate. Yes, if the man should die, then the governor of the great state of South Dakota will appoint someone to serve out Senator Johnson's term, which ends in 2008. But do we really have to go there right this second?

Can't we let the man recover from his surgery and let the doctors make their judgments? It is the holiday break anyway. Let his family and friends have the respect they deserve and leave them alone. I hope the tv in his hospital room is not on, as that is all he'll hear from everyone - what will happen if he is not able to carry out his duties and fulfill his term.

Good Lord.

Frankly, it doesn't matter that much. Politically speaking, he is a conservative sort of Democrat on most issues. Yes, it effects the votes if VP Cheney gets to make tie-breaking votes but not to the extent that this circus implies. The media is disgraceful and sound like hovering buzzards.

Shame on them.

I am a Republican. I would like nothing more than for my peeps to be in the driver's seat. But, please.

This turns my stomach.


colleenR said...

I felt this way too. But I did hear tonight that the word out is that the Republicans are planning not to jump on this and let the man take the time he needs, even if it's a long time.

Anonymous said...

Me too! Talking about his seat/balalnce of power on the very day of his surgery! The media's mommas didn't teach them the meaning of *rude*.

There's plenty of meat for the media dogs. They have no class except low class sometimes, too often.

Beverly said...

I love the thoughts on your hair. It's amazing what "maturity" does for us.

Yes, let the dear man recover without wondering about balance of power.

srp said...

Yes, I heard that the Republicans are being respectful and all offering hopes for a speedy recovery. If, however, the shoe were on the other foot, I have no doubt that John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy would be leading the rush to have a Republican replaced.

But today the media wore the dunce cap.