Friday, December 08, 2006

Jimma Still Hates the Jews

The Iranian ambassador to the U.N. spoke recently at Columbia University in New York. During a question and answer session with the audience, he was confronted about the problem of Hizbollah doing its best to cause a collapse of the Lebanese government. When the ambassador's approval of the terrorist organization was not accepted by the young people, he told them not to "consume" what is told by Fox News. Yeah, that's the problem with the state of the world, Fox News. You'd think he was a Democrat in the last election, making Fox News the enemy. Some just don't want to hear both sides. For that, there is a lot of other options for news in this country. Most don't even bother to pretend a non-bias anymore.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of the audience. Usually, when Fox News is bashed, like the bashing of the current administration, the young sheep (or the audiences of The View and Oprah) erupt into applause and laughter. This Columbia University audience was a bit different though. Only a smattering of applause and a bit of laughter was heard in the auditiorium.

Kenneth Stein, up until earlier in the week was an aide to former President Jimma Carter. Mr. Stein, a historian of 30 plus years, has worked with Carter in Georgia at the Carter Center and co-authored a book with him. He has now resigned from working with Carter. The recently published book of the former president put Mr. Stein over the top.

Seems Mr. Carter still hates the Jews. According to Mr. Stein, there are many factual errors in the new book concerning past historical events and policies. Carter doesn't reference sources or other works. Mr. Stein claims Carter just recalled from his own memory the events.

Jimma Carter receives no respect from me. He was a failed president and before that a lousy governor of the state of Georgia. I lived in the state at that time and was absolutely amazed that the American public would vote the man into the presidency.

Jimma Carter travels the world bashing the current president with glee. He finds himself quite amusing. He blames the current administration for not working harder on the Israeli/Palestine conflict. He knows President Bush is the first president to support a two state solution. He also knows that Secretary Rice has devoted much of her time on working for solutions. Yesterday Tony Blair said publicly that President Bush is the first international leader to commit to a two state solution.

When Carter was in office, he traveled to Israel and chastised Golda Meir that Israel was not religious enough. Can you imagine?

Jimma Carter is a bitter old man. At one time he was at least respected for humanitarian works. No longer. There comes a point when good works are overshadowed by the bad. In the past, when he embraced terrorist leaders like Arafat, the world looked away in silence. Times are different. With madmen in Iran and Syria continuing to state the elimination of Israel as their objectives, then on to America, the stakes are too high to remain silent.

The Palestinian leadership continues to allow the people of Palestine to live in unspeakable poverty and ignorance. Israel is not to blame. Former Prime Minister Sharon conceded more land to the people of Palestine and was rewarded with rockets launched into Israel and the resurgance of suicide bombers.

It is past time for Jimma Carter to go off into the sunset, sit on the front porch and gaze out at the peanuts.


srp said...

I had always thought of him as a good man, but like you, have changed my beliefs. I thought he was a terrible president, inept at diplomacy and without a backbone to stand up for his countrymen. He should take the example of others such as President Ford and Bush (senior) who have lived their private lives and refrain from bashing their political foes or any president. Papa Bush did so while his son was being dumped on by Clinton and Carter and Kerry and liberals in general.

Take a lesson!

If Tony Blair were a US citizen and the laws were such that he could run for president.... I would probably vote for him. I think he could win here.

SEAWITCH said...

Jimma is supposed to be visiting one of the Habitat for Humanity homes being built in Gulfport. I hope he doesn't come. even at 18, I never trusted him. There was just something about him that was phony. I made sure to vote for Reagan when given the opportunity.

Jimma needs to tend his peanuts and leave his hateful anti-Semtism to his own.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you girls have against peanuts.

I try to have charitable thoughts toward him, in the interim while he is quiet and growing older, and then he starts up again. There are times when my jaw just drops.