Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just Not Worthy

Sometimes people prove unworthy of serious consideration.

Yesterday, during a regular press briefing with Tony Snow, the journalists (loosely speaking) of the national press and radio were all but fainting in the aisles upon the news of Laura Bush's recent cancer scare. This wasn't concern for the First Lady and her health, oh no. This was due to the fact that Mrs. Bush had a cancerous spot, the size of a nickel, removed from her right leg's shin in November. How dare no one notify the press of this procedure immediately, maybe even as it was being done at her doctor's office.

Better yet, since she "only" had local anesthesia, maybe the press was expecting a personal phone call from her during the procedure.

It was quite the feeding frenzy aimed at Tony Snow. Everyone from The New York Times, CNN, network news, CBS Radio, was demanding to know more. Why didn't Mrs. Bush disclose this immediately, will she now do advocacy work encouraging Americans to be regularly checked for skin cancer? Well, doesn't she think this is important?

The fact is, as I see it, Laura Bush is a private citizen with national recognition. She is an unelected,unpaid public servant doing good works around the globe and a huge advocate for women and children everywhere. Which, I might add, that includes all the world's women and children, unlike the "feminists" in this country. Where was their support of women in countries living with true oppression and misery? Where is the celebrating from the feminist crowd over the fact that little girls in Afghanistan are going to school for the first time?

There is also the matter of medical privacy. This is not something her doctor or a medical facility could announce. The only person allowed to disclose this kind of information was Laura Bush herself. She answered a reporter's question during a White House holiday reception concerning the bandage on her leg. She was in a skirt and it was visible.

Her press secretary was asked why the press didn't know about this and the press secretary answered that no one had asked about it and Mrs. Bush said it was no big deal. The tumor was caught early and removed. Mrs. Bush continued on with her normal schedule, traveled with the President overseas and oversaw the holiday preparations at the White House.

Where was all this questioning and distress during the Clinton administration when the President didn't disclose medical records as is normally done annually? What was he hiding? How about Hillary Clinton? Chelsea?


A slow news day.


Anonymous said...

The pompous arrogance of the unelected Press amazes in it's blatant self-importance and sickens me.
Their happiness to step all over and soil our troops while trying to embarrass and humiliate someone just because it wasn't who they thought should be in the White House tears me up. It would do my heart good to hear them told it's none of their business if she'll do advocacy work or a tap dance.

srp said...

HIPPA.... HIPPA.... It is illegal for anyone to have access to her medical records except her physicians and herself. If she doesn't give permission, even the President can't get the information from her doctors. If physicians disclose any medical information to anyone for any purpose other than the treatment of the patient or for billing purposes (ICD9 diagnosis codes) we can be hit with hefty fines.

Now that my daughter is of adult age I can't get any of her records either.

I say fine some of the press for asking stupid questions.