Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Applause, Applause

"Let us show the people Republicans and Democrats can compete for votes and cooperate for results at the same time." From the beginning of the House chambers filling up with politicians and then the filing in of the higher ups, the tone of the audience said otherwise. Those leading the charge for change - Hillary and Barack - proving it is no more than election time nonsense meant for the potential voter to swallow. Hillary didn't even bother to clap as the President entered the chamber. Her no class gesture was much more indicative of the opposite side of the aisle.

With 52 straight months of economic growth charted, a record for all those pining for the 'peace and prosperity' of the Clinton years, the President presented some ideas for economic stimulus to head off any further slowing of the economy. As could be predicted, the only applause from the Democrats came for the actual handout to taxpayers and those who haven't paid taxes, too. It's hardly a rebate if you have never paid into it in the first place. But, let's not dwell on semantics. It's only money.

The President made an amusing suggestion to the Democrats so determined to not let the Bush tax cuts remain in place - if they would like to pay more taxes, the IRS would gladly accept personal checks or money orders. They don't seem to care that 116 million Americans are facing a tax increase of $1800.00, on average, if they do nothing. Wonder if those Bush Deranged folks who were trying to blame President Bush for Congress's neglect of mending the AMT and the hold up on tax refunds will piece this together. I doubt it.

Mr. change candidate, Obama, was sitting with his new best friend, Teddy Kennedy, known as a true agent of change. Stuck in the 60's, government has to run your life from cradle to grave, still thinks there was a Camelot, and a brain addled from alcohol abuse, Teddy Kennedy. There's some real change for you. Just not the kind most people would want. Hillary stuck out her hand to shake Teddy's hand and Obama turned away. Change. Working with everyone.

Did consumer choice not government control in health insurance and health care warrant applause from Obama and his party? No. Socialists want government controlled health care.

Did Kennedy and Obama clap for the extension and expansion of No Child Left Behind? No. The agents of change don't acknowledge that black and Hispanic students are testing at all time highs. Kennedy considered No Child Left Behind his baby, you may remember. That was then. This is his new best friend's election year now.

President Bush wants free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea passed.

President Bush intends to double the amount of border guards.

An additional 2200 Marines are being deployed to Afghanistan.

"We will deliver justice to our enemies." Applause all around. "We are spreading the hope of freedom." Not so much love from the left. Defeatists don't really want to knock themselves out too much.

The left side of the aisle couldn't be bothered to clap for the success of the surge in Iraq. That would mean they were wrong. But, they support the troops.

20,000 troops are already in process of coming home and will not be replaced. Applause. The Bush administration has increased funding for veterans 95% during his terms in office. Applause. More standing applause when he promised the troops "a solemn pledge you will have all you need to protect our nation." Then he brought up funding the troops and only half stood. The defeatists have an odd way of showing support for the troops. All talk and show. No action.

The Democrats didn't like the fact that the President demands a 50% reduction in earmarks. And, they didn't like to hear about FISA renewal. They don't want to offer exemption from liability to telecommunication companies who cooperated with the government post-9/11. The defeatists have a strange definition of change.

"Ladies and gentlemen, some may deny the surge is working, but among the terrorists there is no doubt. Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq and this enemy will be defeated."

Drats. Harry Reid promised failure.

I think someone forgot to give the memo to the President. You know, the memo that explained what a lame duck he is. That he isn't relevant anymore. Someone forgot to remind the Congress that their polling numbers are still at an all time low. Still lower than the President's, who will be remembered quite differently in history than them.

Change? Higher taxes, more government involvement in our lives, stick our heads in the sand, reward trial lawyers and Wall Street, tie the hands of the intelligence agencies, don't reform Social Security for the next generation, just talk, talk, talk. Doesn't sound like change to me.



Anonymous said...

Applause. For you, that is.

Great post, K. As always.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Hillary has her own problems, probably, her mind was elsewhere.

But this Change Guy, Obama, could best illustrate it by distancing himself from most, uhhh..., all of the Democratic leadership. Ted Kennedy is not a new day coming. He's a Sad Day. Yet Massachusetts keeps him coming back and the New York Times keeps, doing whatever it is that they do.

Incognito said...

Problem is everyone needs every endorsement they can get, so they'll take it from anywhere...

I still hope Obama wins the nom. still wide open for them.. and, I'm here sniffing about Giuliani.. what a waste of a lead. i'd shoot his advisors for the gross miscalculation. am totally heartbroken. There's talk he's going to endorse mccain.
still hold to my prediction that mccain gets the nom.
but he'll still be better than Hillary!!!

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

I applaud you on the post Karen.

Recall Bills final address, his adieu, where even his beloved Hillary did not react or acknowledge, let alone respond, when he uttered the words “I love you in her direction….

The President remained defiant in the face of domestic, (economy), and International (terrorism) challenges. Loved it when he added, “Ladies and gentlemen, some may deny the surge is working, but among the terrorists there is no doubt. Al-Qaeda is on the run in Iraq, and this enemy will be defeated.” Loved it because Grandma Pelosi, who looked solemn and in need of a Prozac for most of the speech must have realized the inference, as did her acquaintances in the left side of the aisle…