Monday, January 21, 2008

A Statement of Support

While everyone is channeling Martin Luther King, Jr. today, I found another black minister of note in the news. The Reverend Kirbyjon Caldwell, the senior pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church here in Houston. You may be familiar with him from the two inaugurations of the current President Bush, as he was the minister called upon to give the benedictions at both. He is a longtime spiritual advisor to George W. Bush. He is currently in the news, at least locally, for throwing his support to Barack Obama.

Caldwell said he personally called the president to let him know. He said, "Bush was OK with it". And that his decision would not affect their relationship.

I was curious as to why Caldwell supports Obama. Was it the racial component? Hard to tell. Perhaps, though. He said he contacted the Obama campaign and will be making appearances on Obama's behalf. He said he made his decision because of the senator's "character, confidence and courage." He said Obama is electable. He said Obama "would do a wonderful job to bring people together to pursue a common vision we all have." The same is said of John McCain. All of those comments. Interesting.

Obama is on the complete opposite of the curve, politically, from anyone on the Republican side. He is more to the left of Hillary, too. He is struggling a bit now to find his footing and attack Bill Clinton as he does him. The former President is a no class human being, as he always has been, and the very thought of not having a third term in the White House has unhinged him. The Clintons tried to divide the vote of the blacks and Hispanics in the unions in Nevada and ended up succeeding for Hillary. He has developed a pattern of waiting until the eve of a primary or caucus and going all red-faced and accusatory of anyone questioning Hillary's chances in the contest. And then she wins. It happened in Michigan and in Nevada. She was uncontested in Michigan but still considers it a win. So, South Carolina will be interesting next Saturday. After that contest it is getting difficult to imagine Obama winning many more contests against the Clinton machine.

I don't understand the continued love affair with the Clintons. What was their legacy? Well, there was don't ask, don't tell for the military that now Hillary says she'd repeal. There was the tech stock bubble that led to a recession as Bush took office, there were continued attacks on our military and civilians in embassies and on military bases and a carrier. He refused bin Laden several times and tried to combat an increasing threat of attack by issuing indictments. His abhorrent personal behavior brought the country through impeachment. No, not the sex, it was the lying to a federal grand jury. Bill Clinton has no legacy. The vail of peace and prosperity of the 1990's his shills continue to push was lifted years ago. But, hey, he had a great time.

Bill Clinton was proclaimed the first black president some time ago. Now he is in the awkward spot of publicly criticizing a black presidential candidate. And, it makes the little lady look like she needs Bill to fight her fights.

Careful. Hillary will have to fake another few misty eye moments as she goes about attacking her opponent. How dare his supporters not realize how much they need her.

It's for the children.


Conservative Belle said...

It's for the children.

Isn't that Grandma MiMi's line?
Or was it Harry Reid?
Or Pete Stark?
Or... or... or...

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

...all of the above?