Monday, April 13, 2009

Joe Biden's Blarney

Former G.W. Bush administration staffers are pushing back on some of V.P. Joe Biden's latest whoppers. My question is, where were these people when President Bush most needed them? Each and every time a falsehood or a story made up completely was allowed to circulate and gel within the media, the communications team from the former president's White House response was benign. Control of the message was lost at an early date and they never really caught up. So much history has been re-written in such a brief period of time. We will know soon enough how successful the new administration will be.

"State Secrets Privilege" is a nifty term. President Obama has now decided to keep and perhaps expand Bush policy on wiretapping and gathering information as it pertains to national security. You may remember that candidate Barack Obama was a very vocal critic of President Bush's security measures, though they kept our country safe from further attacks since the time of 9/11/01. After securing the defeatist element of the far left, he veered a bit more to the center as the election grew closer so as to appeal to more learned voters.

Now the far left is aghast, aghast I say, that the Chosen One has proven again to be just another politician. Once in office and fully briefed as to the facts of a dangerous world, Obama realized the war on terror is real and not just a conservative President's fantasy.

Seems, though, that V.P. Biden hasn't fully understood the acknowledgement of the nod towards former President Bush. Recently he has taken to telling an old anecdote he first rolled out in 2004. Serial plagiarist Biden enjoys elevating his own personal reputation by telling a story that has him spending time alone with former President Bush and dressing him down for failing to lead in a way that would entice others to follow. It's a plain and simple lie but makes for a good story for old Joe. "That's just Joe" was the consistent response during campaign days when he was caught uttering nonsense or offensive remarks. Lots of opportunities for that response to be used, too.

Jay Carney, Press Secretary for Biden says the V.P. stands by his story. Carney, former Time Magazine guy, will not provide reporters with any proof of this meeting. Bush aides have called it as it is - a complete fabrication to puff Biden up. Karl Rove, Andy Card, and Ari Fleischer all have gone on record to say this dialogue never happened.

With Biden's proven history of plagiarism, it is hard to take his stories as anything more than efforts to prop himself up. He is a legend in his own mind. As Vice President he must feel the need to prove himself relevant.

Biden must also be under the delusion that he is Commander-in-Chief. Last week he felt entitled to instruct the newly installed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu not to attack Iran. As the Obama administration pursues talking to the Iranian leadership, Israel has shown renewed impatience with the terrorist threat. Indicative of continuing on the path of trying to reason with the unreasonable, Richard Holbrooke, envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan and Dennis Ross, senior advisor for Southwest Asia have both hired Iranian experts.

Perhaps V.P. Biden will find himself sharing the stage more and more with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on the blarney count. First Schumer caught flak for stating as fact on the Senate floor that ordinary Americans don't care about 'all those porky parts' in the budget. Continuing on in Chuckie world, over last weekend on a talk show, Schumer declared the Reagan policies of traditional values and strong foreign policy over.

Good to hear a liberal declare his desire to end strong national security measures. How could that possibly be important in the present state of the world around us? And, conservatives already know that liberals are far too intellectual of beings to care much for traditional family values.

Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. Quite a pair of thinkers there.


Anonymous said...

I love Joe. He's my favorite VP ever. Where else can you get so much comedy out of the white house?

Beverly said...

What idiots.