Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving On Only For Conservatives

Remember the inception of MoveOn.org by billionaire socialist George Soros? It was all about moving on from the sex scandel that led to the impeachment vote on former President Bill Clinton after he was caught lying to the feds about it. Now, more and more, it seems moving on is only to be done by conservatives, especially as it pertains to the homeland security and national defense decisions made by George W. Bush while he was in the oval office.

It would appear that the left wing of the Democratic party is now determined to bring our country to the status of a banana republic. When President Bush came into office in January, 2001, Republicans were told to stop criticizing actions of the Clinton administration as they led up to the Bush years. Republicans were ridiculed for blaming Bill Clinton for everything.

Fortunately for the Clinton administration, President Bush was not inclined to go after his predecessor about anything. Much could have been made, for instance, about the blind neglect of our national security and the effect it had on the onset of the tragic events of 9/11/01. The Clinton administration was much more concerned with domestic agendas over foreign policy. And then they simply let the clock run out.

President Bush did not have the luxury of devoting the bulk of his energy to domestic policy. The terror attacks of 9/11/01 completely changed his presidency into that of a war presidency. Unlike the Clinton administration and now the Obama administration who both came into office and decided to ignore Republicans as they rammed through legislation, the Bush administration went out of its way to work with liberal Democrats like Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle on domestic policy.

As is the pattern in a banana republic, now the Bush-hating left would like to continue on with hearings and prosecution of those who kept our country safe after an historic terrorist attack. They would like to reward the Bush administration for making hard legal decisions at a time of monumental national distress by trying to politicize legal opinion. A banana republic prosecutes the previous leadership as the new one emerges. It is all for political vengeance. This is the Democratic party today.

President Obama de-classified CIA memos that deal with methods of interrogation used since 9/11/01. The very Democrats who did not raise a concern over any of the methods used on alleged terrorists in custody now feign total innocence. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she wasn’t told about the use of waterboarding, for example. Yet, in 2007 the Washington Post ran a story about a briefing held in 2002 for members of the Intelligence Committees in both Houses of Congress, on which Pelosi sat.

So, if testimony is to be taken from the previous administration on the methods used to keep our country safe, we must also question, on the record, the Clinton administration and so forth. Clinton was the president who signed into effect the rendition used today. Clinton was the president who signed off on countries who are far more aggressive than the U.S. to question prisoners.

To politicize legal decisions, as President Obama has now left the door open for despite his tepid denials, and to run to the CIA headquarters the day after allowing the CIA memos to be made public and reassuring the agents that they were not to be targets of investigations as a CYA for his own poll numbers, the President is encouraging political discourse at its lowest form. He has yet again proven to act in one way as he proclaims otherwise.

The presidential candidate who campaigned on “moving on” and leaving the past in the past, the man who would be post partisan and bring everyone together, is a sham. He is the lowest sort of politcian after all. President Obama shows himself to be more concerned about his own image to the far left than to the safety of our country.

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