Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Community Organizer in Chief

We have a President in the White House who is a former community organizer from Chicago. He was more than willing to be a spoke in the Daly machine. He went from community organizer to the Illinois State Legislature then to the U.S. Senate without breaking a sweat. He has done nothing but campaign for the the next office for most of his political life - why get stuck and actually accomplish something for the folks who put you into your position of power? He delivered a fine speech at the 2004 Democrat National Convention - the guy can deliver a fine speech with his mastery of the teleprompter - and he was ready to run for President. He wrote two books to cash in and it worked. He had barely been in the U.S. Senate for any time at all, but never mind. It was all written in the stars.

Obama, the chosen one. He agent of hope and change.

The community organizer in chief.

The best part of the constant mocking and criticism of those willing to attend public events and voice opposition to the Obama administration's grand adventure with our national economy is that the community organizer residing in the White House is the one leading the criticism. He is the one demanding his minions fall into line and go out there and demand cooperation from the masses. He even has a former "journalist" working in the West Wing who has set up a web site for Americans to snitch on other Americans if they wish. Read something you don't like from someone opposing the socialization of our health care system? Forward the e-mail or video to the White House and Linda Douglass will handle it.

Remember when the Bush administration was called a Nazi regime? Photos of Bush with Hitler mustaches added? Seems so benign now.

The community organizer in chief is quite thin skinned. That is what happens when a perpetual campaigner assumes the highest office in the land without any leadership experience. His bloated ego and nose up in the air attitude is not serving him well at all. He strives to remain above the fray of writing actual legislation while instructing Congress of his demands. Problems arise, though, because Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is way out of the mainstream of America. And, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is too milquetoast to stand for much of anything, other than trying to hang on to his seat since he is seriously down in the Nevada polls on the favorable column.

Americans are mad. Angry. Resentful. It is not, however, as it is portrayed from on high in Washington, D.C. While Barbara Boxer mutters that the protesters cannot not be true malcontents because they are dressed too well (you can't make this stuff up!); and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs uses the White House briefings to snarl that these protests are organized and not really truly unhappy Americans; and then President Obama uses his favorite straw men as arguments - "there are those who wish to do nothing" - which is a flat out lie he tells every day.

Obama's polls are not in a good place. His favorable numbers are way down. Now the polls on health care show a higher percentage of Americans happy with what they have than not. And, more Americans are beginning to pay attention and realize we cannot have 1/6 of our national economy turned over to bureaucrats who have botched up Medicare, Veteran's care, the U.S. Post Office, and on and on. The only job growth from the federal stimulus/spending legislation rammed through in the early Obama days before anyone even read it all is in government hiring. You may have noticed that the unemployment numbers continue to rise.

The recession is finding its natural bottom. Typically recessions last for 16 to 18 months. Count it out. Only 10% or so has been remitted of the stimulus funds. Cut if off and return it to the federal coffers. It is not working.

Despite the fact that the Obama regime would like you to believe it is only those rabid right wingers out there making noise, it is voters from all spots on the political spectrum. The far right is angry over what they perceive as socialism running rampant, the far left is angry that Obama is making concessions and not socialist enough.

Political hacks like Brad Woodhouse, DNC communications director is putting statements and videos out there calling town hall protesters members of the "birthers" movement. That is the term used by the Democrats who don't like people questioning the legitimacy of the document used to prove where the President was born. Never mind that these were the same hacks who started the ruckus demanding to see John McCain's birth certificate. He was born in Panama while his father was serving as commander over the Panama Canal so they thought they would claim he was not legally able to run. Payback is hell, huh.

The difference is that McCain immediately produced his document and it was completely legit. Obama has not even bothered to release his complete medical records or school records - McCain did both.

How's all that transparency working out from the "most ethical administration ever"? Yeah.

Frankly, after the last eight years of such political discourse as this country has not seen in recent history - dissenters emboldened to make movies with the idea of a Bush assassination and reporting on his young adult twin daughters, though children are typically left alone, it is small wonder that Obama experiences such crowd reaction and his fellow Democrats, too. They are in charge.

Democrats have been in charge of Congress since January 2007. Let's remember that. Granted President Bush didn't stop the runaway spending but they produce the legislation for him to sign. What happened to the notion that dissent is patriotic? What happened to free speech in this country and the right to assemble? Is that only if it is with Democrats?

So, when you continue to hear claims that it's those crazy right wingers who are conducting protests, tea parties, voicing opinions at town halls, sending e-mails to others, writing on personal blogs, remember who is doing the complaining. It is disgraceful to be so elitist that one party feels entitled to control the conversation - especially as we are being told that this country has to so dramatically change, right this minute.

The urgency of the President's agenda comes from the fact they planned to ram it through their Democratically controlled Congress before the American voter realized what was going on. We have the Blue Dog Democrats to thank for the slowing of health care legislation.

Listen well to the nasty ones. Remember those with the thin skin were not on the receiving end of criticism directly from the former president as he was being smeared with the help of the national media for eight years. This current administration is very tech savvy and aggressive. They will stop at nothing.

I say we stop them. I say 2010 is a start.

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