Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama Shamefully Takes GI Bill Credit

Laura Bush was a guest at the change of command ceremony for the USS Texas nuclear submarine in Groton, CT. She is the sponsor of the submarine. During a brief interview, she thanked the military and their families for their service to our country. She always stresses the sacrifices made by military families. When given an opportunity to criticize the Obama administration for the silly mistake made of changing the jargon of 'war on terror' used by the Bush administration and now have gone back to it, she chose the high ground and didn't. That is the dignity that is so sorely missing in the White House today. The West Wing and the East Wing could take some much needed lessons. Agree with the Bush policies or not, no one ever doubted the respect held for the office by the last administration or the quiet dignity - yes, class - of Laura Bush.

The remains of Navy pilot Capt. Michael Speicher have been found and identified in Iraq. He was shot down in the Persian Gulf war in 1991 and was the only MIA from that conflict still unaccounted for. Marines in western Iraq checked into some information from locals there, most importantly from citizens who say they were witnesses to the burial of the pilot. Bones and skeletal fragments were found and examined at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Dental records and DNA evidence from family members were used.

Now his family knows for sure of his death. His two children were just toddlers when he was shot down. Now they are college age young adults.

And, today President Obama is in Virginia touting the newly in effect GI Bill. He, unfortunately, made it sound as though it is his new bill. President Bush signed the new bill two years ago but it is just now taking effect. The Democrats have been in charge of Congress - both houses - since 2007.

The President again chose to use class warfare politics to make his point of the heroes this bill will aid - "While so many were searching for a quick buck, they were headed out on patrol," Mr. Obama said at a press conference at George Mason University." That from The Washington Times. Obama is a hypocrite. He and his wife were both chasing the quick buck - she at a cush job due to her Daly machine connections and magical pay tripling as her husband became a U.S. Senator; and he as he wrote two books while pursuing the office of President and the sweet deals they involve.

In America, we think pursing money is good. We think working and most careers are noble. The military deserves our respect and support, to be sure. But, that doesn't make other careers less.

President Bush also increased military pay substantially, compared to previous pay raises. And he was especially supportive to military families. He and Laura Bush are dearly loved by the military. They know who truly supports them.

Obama with his continued anti-war rhetoric and belittling of General Petraeus' surge strategy showed how little he respects our military. Supporting the mission is supporting the troops.

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