Monday, August 17, 2009

Kay Bailey Hutchison Announces for Governor in Houston

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison kicked off her campaign to be the next Governor of Texas in Houston this morning. The event was held in the Bellaire Civic Center because that is where she kicked off her first campaign to be elected to the Texas state legislature.

Following an event in La Marque, her birthplace, she arrived in Houston for the event scheduled for 10:00 this morning. Getting off to a bit of a late start, the speakers began about 10:30. First the Mayor of Bellaire spoke of her support of Senator Hutchison. She introduced former Secretary of Education (and Superintendent of Houston Independent School District) Rod Paige. Paige spoke of Hutchison's commitment to education reform and to her strong work ethic. Next, former Rep. Dick Armey was introduced. He spoke of Hutchison's loyal commitment to working on behalf of keeping federal funding out of abortion legislation. He spoke of Hutchison's love of her state. Last, former Presidential adviser and Deputy at the State Department Karen Hughes spoke of her relationship with Senator Hutchison, both in and out of Texas.

Kay Bailey Hutchison came out on stage with her husband, Ray, and their two young children. Her daughter, Bailey, clung onto Kay's hand as she made the rounds on stage greeting those standing with her. Her son, Houston, was smiling and also a bit shy.

Many local politicians and notables were on the stage. Lots of smiles and enthusiasm.

As was said today, Texas deserves better. We will work hard for Kay Bailey Hutchison.


Anonymous said...

Texas can do better. Perry is OK as in Oklahoma but Texas isn't Oklahoma and should be great. I can't get pas the fact that after 8 years of Ronald Reagan Perry felt what the country really needed was Al Gore in charge to reverse the Reagan agenda and signed on as head of Texans for Al Gore opposing Texan VP George HW Bush in doing so.

Kirk McKeller said...

Meh. KBH is just not impressive. She is a RINO.