Monday, December 07, 2009

Annise Parker for Houston Mayor

Tomorrow, Tuesday December 8, is the last day of early voting in the run-off races in Houston. Today I voted and was in and out in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, that indicates a very light turn-out. I encourage everyone to get out and vote on December 12, if not to early vote.

My vote was cast for Annise Parker for Mayor of Houston. Annise Parker is the fiscal conservative in this run-off and that is my top priority in a candidate. She is concerned with the problem of flooding in the city and she is endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, along with professional law enforcement organizations. Her opponent is not willing to make tough decisions about the Houston Police Department and change up the department for the better. Her opponent is a long time city insider and there is a long history of personal financial benefit for his actions. He supports the use of tax dollars in building more stadiums and sports arenas in a time of economic difficulty. His work experience is as a lawyer/lobbyist.

Annise Parker is a woman of her word and listens to those with questions or comments. There is not a aura of arrogance nor is there condescension in her attitude as she answers questions.

My vote for City Controller went to M.K. Khan. Mr. Khan is a conservative with a calm, measured approach to city finances. He has extensive business experience.

This election may not be glamorous or exciting but it is important. Houston is the nation's fourth largest city and our leadership is important, both on a local and on a national level.

Go vote.

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