Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barack Does Oslo

Is President Obama using speech writers from the days of former President George W. Bush? Did anyone notice Obama used the word 'evil' in his Nobel Peace Prize speech today in Oslo? Check this article out:

There is a bit of irony in the fact that Obama accepts the prize just days away from his speech announcing an escalation in the number of troops going to Afghanistan. Those on the left ask how a 'war President' can accept an award given for work toward world peace. Those on the left ask that question because they do not know any better. It is a sign of utter ignorance towards the workings of national defense and the military.

The real problem with Obama's speech is that it is hard for many to believe his sincerity. It is hard for many Americans to believe in his sincerity in speaking of respect for the military or for America's role in protecting the world. It is hard for many Americans to think it is anything other than posturing from the perpetual candidate.

Obama was absolutely correct in acknowledging that he didn't truly deserve this recognition. That is obvious even to the most gullible of his supporters. As Byron York wrote in The Examiner, Obama has done nothing to deserve the recognition.

It is embarrassing. It is embarrassing for Obama to justify this recognition while touting his executive order to close GITMO, and for blathering on about declaring that 'torture' is not to be used on war prisoners, and the like. He is out of his league when talking to the world about war and peace.

There was a bit of amusing comeuppance for the Norwegians - according to published reports in European newspapers, Obama has insulted the committee by taking a pass on participating in gatherings traditionally associated with the acceptance of the Peace Prize. He declined the invitation to the traditional luncheon for recipients, too.


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Stephen said...

He deserve it. He is one of the best president of all time