Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jimmy Carter Still Hates the Jews

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the karma moments in life. As we approach the end of 2009 it is astonishing to a majority of Americans that our President is the same guy those of us not voting for him said he would be in office. Gullible voters, desperate for a change of political party in the White House, went to the voting booths and voted for a Chicago far left liberal. Obama ran as a moderate, a bi-partisan kind of guy, a transparency in government advocate, a man of the people. All bunk, of course, but sometimes we Americans have to learn a lesson the hard way.

Think back to the election that brought about the presidency of Jimmy Carter. A governor of the State of Georgia, I lived in that state under his reign. Granted, I am a Republican, a fiscal conservative, but I was blown away that the voters across our country believed his marketing - Southern democrat, family guy, Navy veteran, governor of the State of Georgia. All of that disguised the fact he was completely unqualified to lead the nation.

Jimmy Carter does not have a good history with Jews. He quite honestly despises Jews. He made it known that if he was re-elected for a second term as president, he intended to inflict some kind of revenge on Jews, a constituency he thought had betrayed him. "The Jews will pay" was the general gist of his remark overheard by those around him. As he flushed our country down the toilet, Americans began to awaken and did not reward him with another term as president. He did, however, broker the first Israeli-Arab peace treaty at Camp David for which he deserves credit. He was, after all, trying to salvage some sort of legacy that would be positive.

In 2006, Carter wrote "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" and Jews were rightfully outraged. Carter was a friend of Arafat and was asked to be a godfather to his child. He visited Arafat and his wife Sula often. He is an apologist for Hamas.

Now, this is where karma comes into the picture - Carter's grandson Jason Carter, is running for a seat in the Georgia State Senate. The district in northeast Atlanta is home to a vocal Jewish population, as reported recently. Grandpa Jimmy offered an apology to Jews recently in the form of a prayer offering - an Al Het. It is a prayer said on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. He wanted to apologize for any words or deeds that might have angered the Jewish community.

Wednesday, the Associated Press reported on this newly humbled Carter. He sent the open letter to a wire service for Jewish newspapers.

Jason Carter claims Grandpa Jimmy's open letter has nothing to do with his campaign. He did however call it "a great step towards reconciliation."

Yeah, probably just a big ole coincidence.

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Anonymous said...

I see problems with the way Palestinians have been treated. Demolition of homes being the first that comes to mind. But I do not hate Jews. Through the years some Jews have become very close friends. This comment regarding Jimmy Carter is hyperbole. I really don't understand where these sort of comments come from. I don't deny that the Palestinians have participated in the war. But one cannot deny that the death toll is is a very lopsided statistic. Whats more much of the world isn't aware that Palestinian children are threatened on their way to school.