Saturday, January 08, 2011

HCRP Program Criticized by Local Democrat

After a program is in effect for a decade, one would think any criticism would have already happened. In today's hyper-partisan atmosphere, the nastiness has made its way to the local level.

Recently, a Houston man complained to the local Fox news affiliate about a program run by the Harris County Republican Party (HCRP) that encourages and rewards students in an elementary school for passing the TAKS test. John Cobarruvias wants to end the relationship between the local political party and the students.

For ten years, the local GOP has been handing out bicycles after the TAKS test to kids at JR Harris Elementary in southwest Houston, a school that is predominantly Hispanic. More recently, the GOP has also been distributing free frozen turkeys during the holidays.

“They give us the bird and then they call our children ‘anchor babies,’" says Cobarruvias, who is Hispanic and a Democrat. “I'm insulted. I'm insulted by it.”

HCRP Chairman Jared Woodfill responds: "What we do,” counters Harris County Republican Chairman Jared Woodfill, “we come in with private funds and we purchase bicycles. And we say to every single child (at Harris Elementary) who passes the TAKS test, we will give you a bicycle. And we come in early on, we have a nice big rally and usually there is an elected official invited to come to inspire the kids.”

He is a Democrat and claims to be offended as an Hispanic person. He mouthed Democratic talking points about anchor babies and terror babies and the like as his proof of discrimination towards the population offered a hand up, not a hand out. This program encourages children and supplies local politicians and public figures to speak to the children about the possibilities of success in our country for everyone.

The man complains about Republicans wanting to 'take credit' for doing something good for children attending a predominantly Hispanic populated school. If that were true, the program would be better known. It makes a person think he is being used as a rube by the local Democratic party. It sounded like the guy just wants to stir the pot, at the expense of innocent children.

Encouraging school children to do their best is a good thing, no matter from which political party it comes. The program is privately funded and tax dollars are not used. Maybe he should encourage his party to do similar work in the community.

Isn't it the Democrats that justify everything as 'for the children'?

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