Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ron Reagan, Jr. - He's No Doctor

Ron Reagan, Jr. has a book about his father he is peddling. He has created quite a buzz with some truly bizarre remarks about the onset of his father's Alzheimer's disease. He certainly implied President Reagan was displaying early signs of the disease while in the office of President of the United States.

He had to walk back his despicable remarks on an early morning talk show. Suddenly displaying an attitude of humility, he now admits he is no doctor. And, that he got a few 'facts' wrong.

The guy is a piece of work. Making a living on the dog show circuit as a commentator for the televised competitions and playing political pundit for ultra liberal outlets, he now tries to make a few bucks off his father as he goes for the spotlight. This is the same guy who openly bragged about not voting for his father for President. He was proud of the chasm between himself and his parents, back in the day. He wanted everyone to know he was way too cool to be a Republican himself.

Atta boy, Ron, Jr.

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srp said...

I am surprised that as feisty as Nancy is, she hasn't already grabbed him by the ear and set him straight. No surprise that this stuff comes from him though.

Let's see... Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated for at least two years of his presidency and it was hidden from the country... his wife signed his orders and essentially ran the country. One of the worst presidents ever.