Sunday, September 02, 2012

Axelrod Won't Say Americans are Better Off Now

A funny thing happened on Fox News Sunday as host Chris Wallace asked Obama campaign spokesman David Axelrod about America today versus four years ago. Hey, David Axelrod, are Americans better off today than we were four years ago?


     While the Obama campaign surrogates clearly were on point for the Sunday shows, each repeating the very same sentences and unable to give actual answers to the questions, the message is there. The Obama campaign is to paint the Romney-Ryan ticket as back to the 1950's or as Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa, back to 1812. You may remember that Democrats called John McCain old and ridiculed that he had yellowed teeth in 2008, too.

     The Democrats are hardly the party of new, big ideas.  

     In order to counter the high level of Republican enthusiasm towards this election, Democrats are downplaying it as their own convention opens.
Seeking to downplay comparisons between President Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 election campaign, Obama senior campaign adviser Robert Gibbs said Sunday that the enthusiasm of the last campaign should not be expected. "Nobody is sitting up here saying this is 2008," Gibbs said on CNN's "State of the Union," when asked about dwindling enthusiasm among Latinos and other key constituencies, as well as close "horse-race" numbers.

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