Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greater Houston Council and TFRW Motivate Republican Women

Tuesday morning the Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women hosted a special meeting featuring speakers presenting get out the vote material. Republican women leaders from 38 Republican Women's Clubs in Southeast Texas - in 11 counties attended.

GOP Senate candidate Ted Cruz visited with members and guests before the meeting was called to order.  He addressed the group to thank all those who worked so diligently for his primary run-off victory and to specifically thank Kaye Goolsby, his campaign's statewide grassroots director. Kaye is a real leader in Republican party politics and especially with Republican women.  He crowned her with a tiara - something she requested should he be successful in his campaign - and a sash and bouquet of flowers. Very pageant winner-ish. Very much deserved.

Kim Chambers, Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) Outreach Education, gave an educational presentation on reaching young voters. Her focus was on those voters aged 18-35 years.  This group do vote and they number 3.7 million in Texas. In 2008, 39% voted in Texas, 43% voted Republican and 77% are considered "conservative" or "moderate". The youngest voters - those aged 18-24 years - are more conservative due to the circumstances of the economic recession than are those just older than them.  There is less of a connection to the 2008 Obama connection which relied heavily on a strong young voter turnout. She spoke in depth of the importance of social media and the resources available to get out the vote with technology.

Did you know that Tx Attorney General Greg Abbott is the first AG in the U.S. to have a Spanish twitter account? It's @AbbottESP if you are curious. Tejanos por Abbott.

Jim McGrath spoke about polling methods and the media. He is the post-White House speechwriter  and liaison for former President George HW Bush. He has teamed up with the good Begala brother, Chris Begala in a strategic communications firm. Here is their website:

McGrath stated that most polling companies deliberately over sample Democrats and are skewed to favor Democrats.  The media dutifully reports the polling numbers and pushes the narrative. This election finds the media in the tank for Obama and not even attempting to disguise their lack of objectivism. "We've seen the death of the media as we knew it".  He sited examples of Andrea Mitchell's editing and falsifying a report on Romney and Peter Hamby of CNN tweeting out the website for the donor form to make a contribution to the Obama campaign.  With the media coverage of this campaign, the narrative is their story, it is not the facts.  Remember when Chalian of Yahoo News was overheard on a mic saying that the GOP convention and partying went on as 'black people drowned' in Hurricane Isaac? That drowning narrative was not true and the GOP skipped opening day agendas, thus shortening their convention, due to Hurricane Isaac. Gwen Ifill of PBS said Chalian was "God's gift to the media" and that the GOP is a racist party.

Ponder all that for a bit. Three references to media bias off the top of his head - MSNBC, CNN and PBS.

Obama's foreign policy blunders have made us more hated and less safe in the last four years.

Obama has been president for three and a half years now and the media still grades him on a curve.

It is important for us all to remember to stay focused.  Don't take the bait from the White House.  Obama is not party building. He is fundraising and fundraising only for himself.  Unlike past presidents, Obama is not fundraising for any other candidates. 

The media are moralists when covering the GOP but strategists for Democrats. That's important to remember, too.

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