Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four Americans Died - Obama Administration Lied

Within 24 hours of the attacks, it was known by the White House to be a terrorist attack and labeled as such within the administration. That is the word coming from intelligence sources now. This means that, in fact, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied about the cause of the attack - the crazy 15 minute video trailer - on all five main Sunday morning talk shows and the others in the administration followed.  From President Obama to Secretary of State Clinton to President Obama's press secretary, all blamed the video as the source of the explosive events in the Middle East, including the murder of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

Ponder that - the White House and all those connected to it lied to the American people about a terrorist attack on our soil overseas that resulted in the death of four Americans. Not only did they not heed warnings given in the days leading up to the attacks or by the ambassador himself about security concerns, but they decided to lie about it to cover it up as election day draws closer.

It is all about Barack Obama's re-election. And the President of the United States has yet to address the nation in the aftermath.  What is his plan?

This is a "bump in the road" according to President Obama. And don't forget that after learning of the deaths of our four American patriots in Libya, he hopped a jet for a Las Vegas fundraiser where he compared his hard working volunteers to that of the U.S. embassy. I'm not kidding.  The guy is clueless and just sick.

The Cairo and Libya attacks were on 9/11/12.  Do you think that was anything other than terrorism? Of course you don't.  No one did then or does now. It's just that Team Obama count on you being as gullible and easily persuaded by their deceit as you were in 2008 and ushered him into office in a solid victory over John McCain.  Whether you are a Republican who voted for him or an Independent who did, a whole lot of people were deceived with his flowery speeches and old school preacher style campaign rallies. It's all there again. Frankly, it never ended. The man never got off the campaign trail and governed. Why? Because he simply does not know how to. It's what happens when a candidate without any executive experience is promoted into the highest office in the land.

So, after being the anti-Iraqi war candidate and participating in the hideous General Betrayus campaign during his run for the presidency (along with Hillary Clinton), Barack Obama thought that by concocting a story of his own personal bravery for ordering the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan using the SEALS, and the capture and death of bin Laden, he would convince Americans that we really didn't need to be too concerned about terrorism. He isn't a foreign policy kind of guy and prefers to muck things up domestically instead.

Barack Obama all but put himself in Pakistan shooting bin Laden himself.  He was quick to talk about his decision and even to name the SEAL team involved - something that is never done.  And then he allowed a Hollywood crew to come into the White House and film a movie about it all.

Barack Obama insisted that the term the War on Terrorism no longer be used. Now that foreign policy has come to the forefront of the presidential campaign, he has to shift yet again on his focus. This is why he only personally attacks Mitt Romney without any boasting about his own record. He has no true successes. He has nothing to crow about to justify his re-election. All he can do is pander to various focus groups and hope for their votes.

This is why we are now hearing the old meme that the Middle East problems are really because of the George W. Bush years. It's back to blame Bush for everything. Remember when Hillary Clinton went to the floor of the senate and held up a New York newspaper with the bold headlines of What did Bush know and When did he know it? concerning 9/11/01?  I do. She was implying he could have intercepted the attack from previous knowledge. Now Secretary Clinton has her own bout of karma to deal with. Reports are coming to the surface that the administration was warned for some time that the conditions on the ground were deteriorating in Libya and that Ambassador Stevens was concerned about security,  And, why was Ambassador Stevens there in Benghazi on 9/11/12 at a less secure site than at the embassy in Tripoli?

What was going on in Libya?  What is going on now with the cover-up and secrecy?  The FBI still has not been put at the scene to investigate.

Hey, Hillary: What did you know and when did you know it?

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