Monday, December 17, 2012

FLOTUS Claims Voter Suppression in Full Force

Recently, the First Lady said this on a nationally televised morning talk show:  “Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country,”  This isn't proven by the results of the numbers reported from various demographics yet she states it as though it is the truth.  What a dog whistler that woman is!  Barack Obama received the support of black voters, senior voters, young voters, Asian-American voters and Hispanic -American voters in larger numbers than Mitt Romney.  Even in electoral victory, Democrats chose to exhibit the least common denominator in basic decency.

Here is something Michelle Obama didn't bother to mention, though.  The votes of the U.S. military overseas was suppressed.  Due to continued incompetence of our government's bureaucracy, the ballots were not mailed overseas in time to be filled out and returned to be processed in time for the election.  Who desires to be protected in the voting process more than those fighting for our freedoms overseas?

Senator Cornyn (R-TX) tried to produce better results on behalf of our military but didn't experience much success.  Where was Michelle Obama's outrage over this voter suppression?  She touts her concern for military families in election year speeches and at fundraisers yet this is a basic right being ignored.  Could it be due to the fact that so much of the military vote goes to Republicans? 

I noticed that our First Lady didn't attend the memorial service for the murdered school children in Connecticut, though the President did and spoke to the people there in a televised speech.  He alleges he wrote that speech himself.  Though he saw fit to bring politics into the speech, he did mostly strike the right tone.  What doesn't strike the right tone is an absent First Lady.  The First Couple is tasked with being the top comforters in our country when a tragedy strikes.  

Is it too much to ask that Michelle Obama honor the taxpayers who afford her with living a very large lifestyle by doing the right thing and performing the most basic of tasks?

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Moses said...

I am a military absentee voter in CONUS facing a similar issue. I am stationed in CA but I vote in FL. I sent my ballot by Certified Mail on 30 October with the following USPS tracking number: 7011 0110 0001 7658 6101 (try this number out using Track & Confirm on their website). When the USPS website was showing that it had still not been delivered by the day before the election, I called them and got a case number: CA110625465. I also called the Orange County, Florida Supervisor of Elections. They looked me up and, despite the fact that USPS had no record of my ballot being delivered, told me I had voted on Saturday. A few days after the election, USPS called me back regarding my Certified Mail delivery investigation. They could find no record of my item being delivered. I guess that's not technically voter suppression. I guess that's technically voter fraud.