Monday, December 17, 2012

Gov Haley Appoints Rep Scott to U.S. Senate

This is the press release issued by the South Carolina Senate GOP upon the appointment of Rep Tim Scott to the U.S. Senate by Governor Nikki Haley:Congratulations Congressman Tim Scott! Earlier today, Governor Nikki Haley announced that she has chosen Scott to replace Jim DeMint as United States Senator from South Carolina. Scott vowed to focus on our country's debt and budget issues. He will also make history as the first African-American senator from South Carolina. We'd like to congratulate him and wish him all the best in the Senate.

Rep Tim Scott will be the first black Senator from the state of South Carolina.

South Carolina Republican Tim Scott will become just the seventh African American in American history to serve in the U.S. Senate when he is sworn in to replace Jim DeMint.
He will be the fourth Republican African American senator and the third from the Deep South. Three African American Democrats — all from Illinois — have served.

I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing a speech delivered by Rep Scott in Myrtle Beach, S.C. last January during the GOP Presidential Primary debate weekend.  I knew he was a rising star from his performance and his obvious connection with the audience. 

Scott has the kind of American Dream story that Barack Obama does not - raised by a single mom who worked 16 hours a day and went on to a successful college career. Then he began a successful business before going into politics. He received 65% of the vote in his 2010 race.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Tim served on Charleston County Council for 13 years, including four terms as Chair and in the South Carolina House of Representatives for two years where he was elected Chairman of the Freshman Caucus and House Whip.  He was the owner of Tim Scott Allstate and partner of Pathway Real Estate Group.

Governor Haley, the first Indian-American woman to be elected governor, appointed the first black U.S. senator from her state.  He will be the only black senator serving in the U.S. Senate when he assumes his new seat.

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