Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ugly Video Surfaces Featuring HCRP Vacancy Committee Member

If you are keeping up with Harris County Republican Party activities you probably have heard about the whistleblower who is taking on the very corrupt process of filling vacancies of GOP precinct chairs. If not, the whistleblower is a young gay man who applied to fill his precinct's GOP chairmanship, as it was vacant seat. He was denied the spot on a vote of 5-4 by the Vacancy Committee.

A  spreecast  Tuesday night centered on a friend's interview with Chris Busby.  Chris related his interview conducted by the HCRP Vacancy Committee in detail.  It was, frankly, hard to listen to.  It embarrasses me as a Republican woman to hear such heinous behavior representing the county Republican party.

Look what has surfaced.  My friend Felicia put this up in connection to her spreecast Tuesday. Right there in the middle of the protesters against the Log Cabin Republicans at the 1998 Republican Party of Texas' convention in Fort Worth is Terry Lowry.  Watch the video and see for yourself.  His name identifies his face in the video. The video, by the way, was produced by the Log Cabin Republicans in D.C.

The same man waved his own copy of "the gay agenda" and asked Chris about it during his inquisition, er, interview before the HCRP Vacancy Committee.  Aren't familiar with such a document? Me, either, so I googled it.  Here's a link:

Now, why did Mr. Lowry just happen to have a copy on his person that night?  Does he just carry it around, like a pocket sized copy of the Constitution, maybe? Sure sounds like a man with his own agenda to me. Who died and left him King of the Harris County Republican Party?

I think it is important to get this video out and as many eyes on it as possible.  This is what reasonable Republicans are up against within our own party.  The time for change is now.

There was once a time when the Republican party represented a call for ethics in character. Is it ethical that someone who publishes a pay for play slate is a member of the Vacancy Committee?  A Harris County judge I spoke with recently pondered that question, as well.

HERE is a clip of what I'm referring to now on YouTube:

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