Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly Update on Battleground Texas

From an email received last weekend from Jenn Brown, Executive Director:

I am amazed. Less than three weeks ago we launched a program to have Texans trained by their counties to register new voters. And in the first few weeks, over 1,000 Texans have already been trained. Can you imagine -- 1,000 grassroots volunteers working shoulder-to-shoulder with our field organizers making sure that every voice and every vote counts. And we're just getting started
Then the appeal for donations, with the intended use of said donations stated as: allows us to hire more organizers, to open more field offices and to communicate with more voters. In short -- what you donate makes all the difference. 
That is something Republicans aren't doing - raising money and hiring professional organizers to get out and register voters, train and deputize people to register voters, and setting up enough field offices around the state.  This is the problem with complacency and continued denial of oncoming battles.

And, Democrats are good at asking for the small donations, too.  In Thursday's email, three blurbs about volunteers active in Battleground Texas, according to Executive Director Jenn Brown, was used as a tie-in to asking for $3 donations to help support the group.

Recently, we asked Battleground Texas supporters like you what you're fighting for -- and the outpouring of responses was inspiring.
Bill, a retired teacher, spent many years on the front lines of our broken public education system, witnessing the consequences of cuts to teacher pay and overcrowded classrooms. He volunteers with Battleground Texas to advocate for the millions of Texas schoolchildren left behind by Republican policies.
Jessica, from El Paso, is fighting for access to health care. Her brother received treatment for his liver disease because he qualified for aid, but she knows too many other families who haven't been as lucky. As a newly deputized voter registrar, she's dedicated to spreading the message of affordable health care as a basic human right.
Barbara, from Houston, started organizing for the first time in 2008 at the age of 72. Today, she runs phone banks, organizes in her neighborhood, and registers new voters.
This is just a snapshot of the volunteers who make Battleground Texas strong, and the fact is their work -- and this organization -- depends on grassroots support from people like you. It takes resources to build the organization we need to support and train volunteers like Bill, Jessica, and Barbara, and every dollar that comes in the door puts more boots on the ground across Texas.
Help Battleground Texas grow and support these amazing volunteers -- donate $3 or more today. 

This is how they work.  This is how they register voters - using paid "volunteers".  This is how they raise money - hitting up supporters for small donations on a regular basis.  These small amounts add up over time. Remember, Barack Obama raised record amounts of money in his presidential bids and these are the people who were on the front lines of his campaigns.

Do not underestimate them.  Do not passively sit back and allow state or local leaders to tell you that everything is ok for Republicans holding on to power in Texas.  Get involved.  Recruit viable candidates willing to put in the work to get elected.

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