Monday, May 20, 2013

We Are All Oklahomans Now

Monday we were all Oklahomans.  Well, mostly all of us.   

This is how Democrats reacted to the horrific tornado that touched down in Moore, Oklahoma Monday afternoon.

There was, as the devastation on the ground was beginning to make the breaking news report, the creator of the darling of liberal cable faux news shows, The Daily Show, taking to Twitter to declare that God targeted Oklahoma because of the conservatives living there.  Or something.

She did get around to apologizing for her behavior as she actually took a look at the news reports, instead of just knee jerking political hate speech. 

There was blaming Republicans for climate change.

Senator Whitehouse, in his lispy speaking voice, at the time the tornado was destroying entire swatches of Moore, Oklahoma, thought it was time to criticize Republicans for not agreeing on his ideas about climate change:

You've got a real winner there, voters of Rhode Island. Oh yeah, someone should point out to the intellectual senator from Rhode Island that it was a tornado that destroyed lives and property in Oklahoma, not a cyclone.

Back to Twitter, a reporter for Roll Call tweeted some snark to blast Republican lawmakers who want offsets to federal funding of disasters. By the way, it is Oklahoma's own Senator Coburn who usually tries to bring that into the equation, so there's that.

So, that is an example of liberals behaving badly in the midst of a crisis from the entertainment field, the U.S. Senate, and the world of journalism.  

There is a time and place for political discussions. As bodies are pulled from rubble and towns are destroyed from natural disasters is not that time.

The number of those who are dead continues to rise.  Twenty-four third graders are among that number. Hold the people of Moore, Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers. Thank the first responders who run towards the rubble. Thank the volunteers who are moving supplies to the area.

Here is how you can help out, if you are able:
1. Samaritan's Purse:
2. American Red Cross:
3. The Salvation Army:

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